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Build Your Iron Wall with Governing Rune

Build Your Iron Wall with Governing Rune

Governing, the main extraordinary power that Odin governs all Gods, will help players to resist powerful attacks and reduce the damage. The level your Governing is, the more damage will be reduced! To put it simply, Governing Rune has the effect of defense and damage reduction, and it is like real powerful armor.

With the activation of Governing power, warriors had marched towards underworld more fearlessly to fight against evil forces. In these fierce battles, those brave warriors had learned that equipping Governing Rune will increase corresponding defense and damage reduction and become invincible in battle!

Governing Runes are composed of Junior Governing Rune, Intermediate Governing Rune and Senior Governing Rune. Governing Rune with higher level will increase more Governing!

Tips: Junior Governing Rune will be obtained in Shop by spending certain amount of Goldleaf; Intermediate Governing Rune will be got in Mystery Shop. Or players can create Super Combos in 2F-Devil Square to obtain kinds of Governing Rune.

*Corresponding effect will be activated if the amount of used Governing Rune reaches certain quantity.
*Icon of Governing will be displayed on Character panel if player reaches Lv55 or higher.

Note: the Governing can be activated after the previous one was activated. For example,

1. Activation attributes as below will be obtained after all junior Governing were activated:

2. Activation attributes as below will be obtained after all intermediate Governing were activated:

3. Activation attributes as below will be obtained after all senior Governing were activated:

Come on, warriors! What are you waiting for? Hurry to obtain those awesome Governing Runes to increase your power and become invincible!

Odin Quest Team


where is devil square 2f and how we get in?????


there is no devil square 2F yet.  We will have to wait a bit.  Commercial tactic to make the cashers that can't wait buying them lol.


I need to know the answer

Based on the game's info about governing is as follows :
Governing is the overall defence you have, it can effectively reduce the damage from other players.

But what I REALLY want to know is, does governing reduce damage from all monsters, mobs, BOSSes too? Including their magics/spells?


I waited long and not even a simple 'no' or 'yes' from mod / admin... :/


to the best of my knowledge, governing is just another rating system.

ex: the more att/crit rate/crit dmg ect you have the higher ur rating is. also the more def/crit rate avoid/crit dmg avoid you have the more governing you get.

my BEST GUESS to this is the higher ur governing is the less likely u are to be killed in general. mob and other players both included

hope this helps...
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Governing Runes

I can't join farming those Governing Runes because im from philippines i only playing during 17:00 to 02:00 server time    hope you can do something  with this GM   


just bumping this to hide a topic with profanity in the title. Nothing to see here
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