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fortress of sevastopol 13/18

fortress of sevastopol 13/18

How are you supposed to beat this level, the 2 super artys they have are impossable to beat and then having to deal with the t-26 and kv 1 I cant see any way around this.


Well, you are a little early to be in a panic.  Wait until you hit 40!

1) Make sure you have the best units you can buy.  At least 2 artillery, 1 armored and 1 infantry.  You can muck about with these, but this is the general set up.

2) Make sure you have the best equipment you can buy on all the above units. If you can fuse better, by all means, do it.

3) Make sure you have the best generals you can buy.  Watch the ratings, not the color or the 'stars'. You should have generals starting with AT LEAST 40 rating.   If you luck out and get better, good for you.

4) Watch the reports of the people that came before you. They beat the level, so can you.  

5) Don't forget to use your Skills.  They can change the tide of a battle.  

If all the above reqs are met, and you still can't progress, you have 2 choices.  Buy gold and cheat, or quit.


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