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【Newbie Pack Guide】

【Newbie Pack Guide】

[About Newbie Pack]
Dear generals, to show our gratitude for your undying love and support, we have prepared newbie giftcodes for you. This code can be exchanged for items in the game. Come get it now!

[Where to get Newbie Pack]
You can easily get it on our Official Newbie Pack Website:

Simple steps for get Newbie Pack:
1. Log in on the official game website (
2. There is a button "Newbie Pack" on the official game website, click it and jump to "Newbie Pack Page".

3. Click "Get Your Newbie Pack" Button.

4. You will see your Newbie Pack Code, click "COPY" and you will see "Copied successfully! Paste this code in-game to get rewards".

Till this step, you have successfully got your unique Gift Code.

[How to use Newbie Pack Code]
Simple steps for exchange the Newbie Pack:
5. Log in the game, and you will find the "Gift Code" Button on the top right of your city page.

6. Use "Ctrl + V" to quick paste the code, and click receive gift.

7. You will receive the gifts via in-game mail, check your mailbox and get the FREE gift!

[Reminder]: If you lost your code, get back to the "Newbie Pack Page", and click "Get Your Newbie Pack" Button again, you will find the same code.

[Note]: You must log in before you get the code, and one character can obtain only one unique code which can be used in any servers once.


There is no gift code where you posted.  I did however find links to the gift code for several of the other Gamebox games, but none for General War.  Please double check that the link is available.


Did this ever get fixed?  I don't see a "gift code" icon in General War.


how can i get the code? iam in pitsburg


how come i didn't get the package but already stated "THE CARDS HAD BEEN SOLD OUT" ?



and its the first time i tried


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