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Ancient Summoner FAQ

Ancient Summoner FAQ

Q:What genre does Ancient Summoner belong to?
A: AS is a magic online collectible trading card game. It is a casual and competitive Free-to-Play MMORPG with no need to download.

Q:What are the system requirements?
A: Basic Specifications        Recommended Specifications
CPU        Pentium3  700MHz        Pentium4  1.5GHz
RAM        >128MB           >256MB
Operation System        Win9X, Win2000, Win XP        Win9X, Win2000, Win XP

Q: How do I create a Character?
A: After logging in, you will enter the interface to create your roles. Select your gender and enter your role name, you are ready to play AS! If the role name you created is occupied, you might as well click the dice icon to get a random name.

Q: Why can’t I create a name successfully?
A: The name you entered when creating roles can only support combinations of characters/letter/number. When special symbols or foul language that system censored show up in your role name, the name is invalid. Please change your character combination of your role name.

Q: Why is the loading slow?
A: When the game loads slowly or the screen shows connecting to the server, it may be related to the browser or the network environment.  We recommend you to close the current browser and to use IE browser to login in again.  

Q: How many classes are there in AS?
A: There are four classes in Ancient Summoner: Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Priest.

Q: How should I choose my class?
A: After finishing some basics guide, a class selection interface will pop up. Just take a look at the game guide.

Q: What are the characteristics of four classes?
A: Mage: Mages pursue the research of magical energies tirelessly to increase the damage they can inflict in battle, and can even take control of enemy troops.
Priest: Devout believers in divine forces, Priests command powerful healing and defensive spells to assist their creatures on the battlefield, and can summon the wrath of gods to smite their enemies.
Ranger: Gifted with exceptionally keen senses, their ability to control the battlefield are tremendous, and the tactics they use to weaken the enemy are a power matched only by the deadly poisons they will use in battle.
Warrior: Warriors draw on their strength to inspire courage in one and all. They can not only use their skills to rally their own creatures, but also to directly inflict damage on enemy creatures.

Q: How many categories of cards are there in AS and what is the function of each card?
A: There are 2 kinds of cards: creature cards and skill cards. Battles in Ancient Summoner are played out using cards. Players will enter battle with their own deck composed of different creature cards. While skill cards have some increase/decrease effects towards the target.

Q: How many factions of creature cards?
A: Creature Cards can come from one of seven different factions: Humans, Elves, Halfblood, Undead, Goblins, Ogres and beasts.

Q: How can I obtain cards?
A: You can earn more cards by completing quests(Maps), completing various challenges in Arena and Guild Hall, or by online rewards, login-in rewards, using silver cards in Reputation Shop and using Combine in Blacksmith. You can even get more precious cards by purchasing packs or individual cards in the shop and/or Auction House.

Q: How many levels of the cards are there in AS?
A: At present, there are 6 ranks: Common Cards, Good Cards, Rare Cards, Epic Cards, Legendary Cards and Godlike Cards.

Q: How can I upgrade the cards?
A: The ranks can be upgraded by “Combine” in Blacksmith.

Q: What factors influence the success rate of combining?
A: The Combination success chance is influenced by the level of Alchemy Lab and Blacksmith, by the amount of cards and gold used for Combination. Besides, the levy of Blacksmith determines the card level of the combined cards.

Q: How can I get the items used for the combination?
A: The items used for the combination can be obtained by Reputation level rewards, random rewards by flipping cards in Instance or fusing cards in Blacksmith. The higher level the fused card is, the better the combining materials in quality and quantities. If the combination fails, you will also get a small amount of combining materials.


You may or may not want to check the word "Blacksmith" in this topic

Pretty sure you don't upgrade your cards in a blacksmith ;)


Wait so if your a mage you can't play priest spells?


can't lol .. except you change your class to priest
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