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Pantheon Legend Guides

Pantheon Legend Guides

※Hero Professions※
There are 9 Hero Professions, which are displayed in the lower right corner under the Heroes. They include:

※Choose an Initial Hero※
The game provides many types of initial heroes. Hercules is recommended for the early stages. All initial heroes can be obtained in Event dungeons.

※Warrior Skills※

Heroes of the same profession do not necessarily have the same abilities. For example, some Paladins are good at healing with spiritual power, while others are good at using adjudication attacks. Click a Hero portrait to see detailed information on all Hero skills.

※Hero Formations※

Heroes can be stationed in the front and back rows. Tactics are very simple: Tanking Professions endure monster attacks in the front row, while cloth-armored and healing Professions heal from the back and all other Professions deal damage.
At first, some dungeons may appear very difficult to pass, but with slight positional adjustments to your card formations, you should be able to find a way to overcome them.

※Hero Quality※

Different qualities of Hero Cards drop during dungeon battles. Purple are the best, followed by blue and green, while white is the weakest. It is also possible to drop blue and purple chips. Chips can be combined to form a Hero.

※Event Dungeons, Elite Dungeons※

The number of daily Event Dungeons you can undertake is limited. In general, they have very good drops. The Hero drop rate in Elite Dungeons is higher than it is in normal dungeons.

※Chief Skills※

When a chief initiates its skills, it affects the attributes of all their team members. When fighting with friends, the skills of friend's chief will have the same effect. If a team member has the same skill as the chief, the chief's skill will gain extra power.

※Skill Academy※

The Skill Academy opens at Lv30. Heroes can master chief skills at the Skill Academy. Players can spend Crystals to change the skills a hero can learn. The first 2 times you re-spec each day are free.

※Hero Chips※

Hero Chips are opened at Lv10. Dungeon bosses all drop Hero Chips, and by accumulating a certain number of chips you can convert them to the corresponding Hero.

※Event Dungeons※

Every day different Event Dungeons will be available, like Game Money, Cartoon Heroes, Hero EXP, Hero Skills, and High-level Heroes. Event Dungeons produce more drops than normal dungeons.

※Physical Attacks※

Warriors, Rogues, Druids, and Rangers deal physical damage with all of their attacks. A Paladin's normal attacks deal physical damage.

※Magic Attacks※

Mage, Priests, Elementalists, and Enchanters deal magic damage with all of their attacks. A Paladin's skill attacks deal magic damage.

※Level Up EXP※

Click your player name to check the time and see the EXP required to level up.


All dungeon bosses have a probability to drop chips or directly drop boss cards.

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