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【Newbie Pack Guide】

【Newbie Pack Guide】

Dear Summoners,
Thank you so much for support to Ancient Summoner and Gamebox. In gratitude for your favor, we’ve prepared lots of gifts for you. Every account can only claim one Newbie Pack; every character in the game can only use one Newbie Pack, too! The Newbie Pack can be used only in the server you selected.

To claim it:

Select server and pack:

Get your gift card:

Copy the code:

Click “Gift” to claim:

Enter the gift code:

Claim the gifts in “Mail”


Can i just suggest, having this pop-up somewhere other then here that is in game?

I'm level 32 and only just found this.


I may misunderstand what Im reading, but I dont see my server, am I doing something wrong?



Yes you are block head. You head thick like box of rocks & your breath stinks like poopy diaper .


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