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Player Moderator Job with awesome rewards is now available for you to apply!

Player Moderator Job with awesome rewards is now available for you to apply!

We believed that everyone has a deep feeling with more and more new friends joined us, and we know a lot of you are kind enough to help them when they got any problems or questions on the game.

To welcome our new friends and thanks to the one who is willing to help others, the Player Moderator Job which with awesome rewards is now available for you to apply!


What is Glory of Gladiators Player Moderator?

We need customer-oriented individuals with strong communication skills to help players online. P-Mod should be conscientious and professional with an understanding of game.

P-Mod Requirement:

1) Online at least 8 hours per day during Duty period

2) P-Mod must be the most active players in the game and love the game in a positive way

3) Have a good attitude when answering players’ questions

4) P-Mod will have a P-Mod title in the middle of the name when speaking in the Chat Channel .


Job Description

1) Moderate chat channel and report any abuse of language to us. (Please use PM if you need to send a warning for the players' offense.)

2) Answer questions in the game Chat Channel from players.

3) Submit Players’ main suggestions and complaints, and buP-Mod to GM every week.

4) Introduce the new server events and all kinds of in-game events to players everyday (3V3, arena, champion cup and etc.). Esp for the events and updates after the maintenance (inform players to check the details in forum thread).

5) Be active to guide players to purchase the useful, promotional and discount items.


After the final review, we will reward you:


GM review:

We, as GM, will log in the game to check the work you are doing. If there is anything we find is improper, we will write it down. If too many players complain for your work, we will record it and will communicate with you. Absence and poor performance may lead to a salary decrease. On the contrary, extra rewards will be given if your performance is excellent.

Recruiting Time:

From 24th Jan


H1,  G1, G2

How do I Apply?

if you love the game, aspire to make it better and are qualified for the position of P-Mod, please send your application to in the following form.


In-game Character Name:


Forum Nickname:

Your Country:

List any languages that you speak:

When are you usually online:

Related experience & other qualifications:

Anything else you want to add:


GOG Team


Dear Players, Thanks for your activeness and willingness to be Player GM to help maintain a good environment. We have received a lot of the applications. You are all excellent, among them we have selected 2 players who we think are the most suitable ones. They will use character names P-Mod-001 and P-Mod-002 to fulfill obligations. Here is a scheduel for them: P-Mod-001:13:00--16:00&20:00-01:00 server time. P-Mod-002: 05:00-13:00 server time. We are looking forward to your outstanding performance. Thanks again for all of your great and valuable support to GOG. More power.


moderator job

In-game Character Name:Iron Horse Server:s3 Ironhorse s4 Iron Horse Forum Nickname:Ironhorse Your Country:USA List any languages that you speak: English When are you usually online:0:600 - 14:00 CST 18:00 - 01:00 CST Related experience & other qualifications:many RPG games....Everquest, Star Wars Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft , Aion. I enjoy helping others and helping to make game better. Thanks Anything else you want to add:


give me the job ;D
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Moderator Job

In-game Character Name: G9-Glory Server: Kenayzi Forum Nickname: kenayzi Your Country: Indonesia List any languages that you speak: English , Indonesia, Malaysia When are you usually online: 06.00 - 12.00(Server Time) and 19.30-21.00(Server Time) could more depend on busy or not Related experience & other qualifications: Many strategy games , had good understanding on that game and good guideing, and could speak 3 languages Anything else you want to add: Best perfomance not only game-design but in-game too. I love GOG since first time played it. So, i want give the best for this game, helping other to understand and then game then loving this game. Big thanks to GameBox and GOG More Power!!
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