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[Suggestion] Tier IX - X Maintenence Costs

[Suggestion] Tier IX - X Maintenence Costs

Players consistently lose money running these tanks even when they are winning games. My suggestion is to reduce the maintenance costs of these Tier IX-X tanks in Standard battle or raise the rewards at the end of the game. Territory War Mode is even worse. I could die once, have 15 kills, 15k damage and still lose 90,000 silver easy. The repair bills are set too high. Even if I were to survive in a match without dying and say I had 100 life left, the repairs would still be the same as paying for the entire tank to get repaired. How about the winning team has a percentage of the total repair cost of his/her tank is taken off to reduce the repair bill. As a bonus, if your tank was not destroyed add a couple more percentage points off the costs.

Ammunition prices are questionable. For example...
Tier IX IS4's end gun AP ammunition: Penetration: 195-335 | Damage: 562-937 | Cost: 673 silver per round.

Now you have a....
Tier IX M103 end gun AP ammunition: Penetration: 190-336 | Damage: 498-831 | Cost: that costs 1122 silver per round

I am sure there are other examples of ammo costs like the one I have shown that make no sense, but you get the point.
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