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[Announcement] Weekly Server Maintenance from 18:00 to 20:00 on April.23 PDT

[Announcement] Weekly Server Maintenance from 18:00 to 20:00 on April.23 PDT

Dear player,

To provide better gaming experience, we will perform routine server maintenance on  April.23  PDT.
The maintenance will start from 6:00 pm PST and is expected to last for 2 hours. During the maintenance, you cannot login to the game. Hope you can understand.
Once again, we apologize for the inconveniences and concerns it may have caused.

What's the update? (4.23)
1.【Master's Skill Pack】【Epic Gem】【Human Master's Pack】12% off
2. Tempest Pack is coming out
3. 【Loki】【Thor】【Frost Giant】【Volva】【Dark Elf】【Draugr】【Snow White】【Gemini】added in Guide
4.Fix the following bug:
  1) Fix the description of the card 【King Asterion】

  2)Fix the announcement of "the Lady of the Flame"

What's the update? (4.9)
1.【King's pack】, 【Master's Pack】,【Legendary Gem】12% off
2. Daily Login Event (2014/4/9 00:00 - 2014/4/18 23:59 Server time)
3. Extra Skills Pack (2014/4/10 00:00 - 2014/4/15 23:59 Server time)

What's the update? (3.26)
1.Tempest Pack is on sale now. (349 gold only) Duration: 2014-3-26 00:00 to 2014-3-28 23:59

2. Ancient Den is available now. (Duration: 2014-3-26 00:00 to 2014-4-1 23:59)
3. 【Halfblood Master's Pack】【Elf Master's Pack】【Roan】12% off
4. Ancient Den quest(1) and Quest(2)
5.Divinity's Tower (Duration: 2014-3-26:00 to 2014-4-8)
   Challenge the Tower to gather points and draw Angle Card.

What's the update?
1.【Human Master’s  Pack】【Undead Master’s Pack】 【Epic Gem】12% off
2. New PVP System – League
3. New cards added in PVP shop:  Dragon Hunter Vincent, Sorann the Unforgiving, Sensei Calista, Varkus the Blight
4. Lighting Dragon and High Angel added in Guide
Storm Whelp, Storm Dragon, Storm Dragon, Tesalos, Stormy Dragonkin, Volante Voidstep
Angelic Shield, Angelic Aegis, Judge Caitlyn, Angelic Savior
5.New PvP Rewards
The next PvP season’s rewards are as follows:

What's the update?
1. Tempest pack (Feb.27 00:00 – March.5 23:59 Server time)
2. Limited time pack – Mythos Pack (Feb.28 00:00 – March.2 23:59 Server time)
3. Ancient Den Quest (1) (Feb.27 00:00 – March.12 23:59 Server time)
4. Ancient Den Quest (2)  (Feb.27 00:00 – March.2 23:59 Server time)
5. 【Skill Master’s pack】, 【King’s pack】,【Legendary Gem】  12% off

What's the update?
Updates Log (12.25)
1.Tempest pack
Event time: Dec.26 00:00 – Jan.1 23:59
50% off , Price: 349 gold

2.Event Pack (ARK Thumper included)
Event time: Dec.27 00:00 – Dec.31 23:59
Mynx Hammershock/ Zeeva Stonebreaker/ Dante Quicksong/ Farmhand Westley/ Juliet/ Aphrodena/ High Lady Kuri/ Temptress Lorelei/ Nadja The Viper/ Pumkin Witch Morgana/ ARK Sniper / ARK Thumper
Price: 298

3.Master of Alchemy
Event time: Dec.28 – Dec.29
Event time for European server: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Event time for other servers: 00:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Updates Log (12.18)
1. [Savage master’s pack] / [Beasts master’s pack] / Epic Gem  12% off

2.Limited time offer - Noella Frost +Life Rune (Event time: Dec. 20 00:00 – Dec.22 23:59)

3.Open Pack (Card Guaranteed) - Demon Hunter Azrael (Event time: Dec.19 00:00 - Dec.20 23:59 server time)

4. Season Rewards update:

   To be continued...

Updates Log (12.4)
1.Limit Time Offer –ARK Thumper + Ring of Wisdom (Event Time: Dec.6 00:00 – Dec.8 23:59)

2.Open Pack (Card Guaranteed)  (Event time: Dec.5 00:00 – Dec.6 23:59 Server time)

3、Pack of the Day!    (Dec.7 00:00 – Dec.8 23:59)

4、Tomb of Domb  (Dec.5 00:00 – Dec.11 23:59)

5. Skill Master’s pack, Human master’s pack, Legendary Gem   12% off

6、The following Skill cards have updated art assets:
Command: Heroic
Last Stand
Enmity: Cavalry
Double Stab
True Shot
Frost Nova
Healing Prayer

Updates Log(11.20)

1、Limited time offer: Capricorn. (Event time: Nov.29, 00:00 to Nov.30, 23:59, server time.)
2、Limited time pack: Mythos pack. (Event time: Nov.29, 00:00 to Dec.1, 23:59, server time.)
     The pack includes: Zeus-King of the God, Aphrodite, Pallas Athena, Achilles
Price: 298 gold.

3. Limited time pack-Universal Pack-adds a new pack: Capricorn. (Event time: Dec.4, 00:00 to Dec.10, 23:59, server time.      
Universal Pack includes Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittariu and Capricorm.               
   Price: 498 gold. Exclusive for VIP3.
4、Zeus-King of the God, Aphrodite, Pallas Athena and Achilles are added to the deck.
5、The quests for event Nadja the Viper have been set.
6、The period for season battles and post season battles are adjusted to 4 weeks.
   The end date of the next season is December 13.
7 ,The rewards for daily login are adjusted. (Event time: Nov.22, 00:00 to Dec.1, 23:59.)                                          
The rewards for 5th login and 10th login are:
    5th login: Dread Phantom(Epic)
   10th login: Desperate Soul(Epic)
8、Ancient Den event: Nov.25, 00:00 to Dec.1, 23:59.
9、Tempest Pack is on sale from Nov.28, 00:00 to Dec.4, 23:59.  
Price: 50% off—349 gold!
10、Landing page is updated to V1.3.
11、The rewards for season battles are changed.
Event time is from Nov.25, 00:00 to Dec.13, 18:00.
12. Master of Alchemy
Duration: Nov.30 – Dec.1
Event time for European server: 16:00 to 22:00.
Event time for other servers: 12:00 to 18:00.
13、Master Armourer (Event time: Nov.25 00:00:00 – Nov.29 23:59:59)
14、I am Legendary! (Event time: Nov.23 00:00 – Nov.29 23:59:59 Server time)
15、Battle on the Heights (Event time: Nov.28 00:00 – Dec.1 23:59:59)
16、Ascend the Tower! (Event time: Nov.21 00:00 – Dec.1 23:59)


Hmm Isn't now  past 20:00PDT ?? How much longer are you expecting for the " Maintenance" to go on? Cause I need a fix HAHA
~Suck It Blue.. Suck it~ RvB


Ok how much longer!! I need my PvP fix before bed.
DarianDelFord Ranger S-4 Deathknight!



make a wall


damnnnnnnnnnnnnn gonna miss a Lorelei


Read the red writing, it says it's supposed to be 4 hours.


We are well past 4 hours.  how about an update Mods?
DarianDelFord Ranger S-4 Deathknight!


I hate you o_o how will i do the event and get my event card/activity if i cant play?


Now we are well pass 5 hrs ... Dev how about some update on the update ?


Yup at 5 and a half hours, I have to go to bed :O(  

Something I have noticed is the communication on this forums is lacking
DarianDelFord Ranger S-4 Deathknight!


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