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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

Welcome Gamebox's old friends and new friends to New Odin Quest Forum. This is the paradise we can talk about our game and our life freely and happily. In order to provide a better gaming environment for our players, and enhance communication in the OQ community, we hope all players can obey these following rules:

1 Keep things simple and easy to understand, try your best to speak English both in game or in forum.
2 Be nice to everyone, no abuses and harass
3 Post threads on the appropriate board and don't talk off-topic there.
4 No advertising
5 Avoid Sensitive topic (politics, religions, current events, scandals…)
6 No Plagiarism
7 Protect other's secret
8 Don't pass oneself off as Moderator, and disseminate mendacious announcement or reply.
9 Don't release any emotional speech, instigate other players.
10 Don't release same post or thread again and again.
11 Don't spread computer virus.

Violation of the rules can result in the following:
1. Post Removal
2. Mute from Chat
3. Forum Ban
4. Game Ban

Good experience in Odin Quest game, happy time in Odin Quest forum! Hope all of you can gain happiness here. Feel free to talk with mods in the forum and via the PM, we are looking forward to any suggestion and question. Good luck to all dear players and have fun in game and forum.


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