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[chorizo] UFC on Fox 16 Dillashaw vs Barao 2 Live Stream

[chorizo] UFC on Fox 16 Dillashaw vs Barao 2 Live Stream

[chorizo] UFC on Fox 16 Dillashaw vs Barao 2 Live Stream is shooting. Not just did Rory MacDonald lose his offer to unseat Robbie Lawler and turn into the new UFC welterweight champion, it shows up the Canadian warrior is going to have room schedule-wise to consider what his best course of action is in an extremely focused division.

Watch here: Dillashaw vs Barao 2 Live Stream.

The medicinal aftermath for the Canuck peruses like a's who of a throbbing painfulness as the Kelowna, B.C., local softened his foot and nose up the five-round misfortune to Lawler. 'The Red King' is out for at least three months, with no contact for 75 days. On the off chance that his foot and nose don't mend to a specialist's fulfillment, he's taking a gander at around six months prior to he's cleared to start physical movement. What's more, that gives him a lot of time to bite on the five-round TKO misfortune to Lawler.

In the interim, Lawler was suspended 45 days, with no contact for 30 days, taking after the battle for a split lip. MacDonald additionally lost the clash of the wallet as Lawler took home US$300,000, contrasted with $59,000 for the Canadian brawler.

Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes made out like highwaymen for their two-round between time title battle on Saturday night in Las Vegas, which the Irishman won in a TKO.

The warriors stuffed a cool a large portion of million each into their wallets for just shy of 10 minutes of octagon time.

McGregor was likewise set on restorative suspension for 45 days, with no contact for 30 days, and Mendes was scratched for 21, with no contact for 15.

Mendes' thumb will be analyzed by a specialist on his next checkup and, in the event that it's not to the specialist's loving, he's out for six months.


Not just was July 1 a national occasion in the Great White North, it happened to be the day the UFC revealed its new medication testing approach and it's gotten blended surveys in the couple of weeks it's been up and running.

Daniel Cormier supposes it's a much needed development while heavyweight contender Travis Browne supposes it's an awful thought. We'll let UFC welterweight Matt Brown break the tie here in our little and extremely casual survey.

"We discovered that it was a two-year boycott rather than a four-year, which to me is finished bulls - ," Brown said. "I'm supposing perhaps I'll begin an appeal for the UFC contenders. Possibly we can all unite as one and request an appeal to request that get a base four-year boycott. Why might you not sign the appeal? Unless you're squeezing. I think it ought to be a lifetime boycott."

Be that as it may, Brown wasn't done there, not by far. He seems despondent that the perils of execution upgrading medications are minimized.

"I think that its incredible that they have a f - ing standard for each other game aside from the one where you can get f - ing killed in a confine," Brown said. "Individuals do pass on doing this s - , only not in the UFC individuals haven't yet, luckily. The day is going to come when it happens. We all realize that. In the event that it transpires who got beat by a known juicer, is that not gonna be a greater amount of an issue? I would prefer not to be the dead one, on the grounds that a (fellow) was staying needles in himself throughout the day."

UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey seems to need more than cash out of the UFC, she needs a living, breathing legacy.

The champ needn't bother with the green stuff as frantically as she did tailing her stretch in the Olympics, or even in the first place of her UFC vocation.

No. It's way more elusive than that for Rousey.

"Presently it's gotten to a point where it's about legacy for me," Rousey told the CBS This Morning show.

"I need to construct something that survives me. I need to appear at a UFC occasion 20 years later on and have the capacity to sit front line and watch two young ladies battle for the belt that I offered back to Dana White. I need to grin so hard that my face harms. I need to feel like I was a piece of making something incredible."
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