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7 Main Gold Sources

7 Main Gold Sources

In Glory of Gladiators, gold is the the most used and most important resource. Building a strong gladiator consumes a lot of gold so the best masters are often experts in economy management - to collect as much gold as possible and spend it wisely.

Here is a list of 7 main gold sources, and we hope this can help you maximize your gold revenue:

1. Arena
For the first couple of days in Glory of Gladiators, Arena takes up a very big part in your gold revenue. Although it will soon become a lot less important as other sources start to overtake the big part, it is still quite useful for players to set up early advantages. To maximize gold gained from Arena, it is recommended that you put as many gladiators as you can in the Arena Ranking List rather than only focus on one single gladiator.

2. Farm
Planting Peppermint gives gold. At early game the gold production seems insignificant. Once you have obtained high level Peppermint Seeds, it would be really helpful if you spend some time to grow them. Also the boost effect on farm can scale over 600% with its level. Don't forget to upgrade your farm!

3. Bloody Tomb
Bloody Tomb unlocks at Citizen IX. The more level you have successfully challenged, the more gold you can get. The Bloody Tomb resets 3 times a day and you can use Auto Fight to finish the levels you have cleared in previous attempts and the rewards will not be affected. When you have reached a high level, do not forget to use Auto Fight there 3 times a day as it has become a key source of gold.

4. Donation
You can collect donation 5 times a day. The amount of gold collected is determined by the level of Camp in your Home. With the patch which will be deployed on September 17, the gold collected has been increased by 400%.

5. Item Selling
If you have inactive equipment, it’s an option that you sell them for gold. Enhanced items can sell more than the original ones.

6. Quests
Completing quests gives a lot of gold. This is very helpful for starters.

7. Clear Dungeon Levels
Defeating mobs in dungeon levels gives reputation and gold. The tougher the enemy is, the more reputation and gold you can get.


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