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Glory of Gladiators Player Guide Contest

Glory of Gladiators Player Guide Contest

Glory of Gladiators is a game with rich features. While it provides players varieties of ways of playing, it may also make new players feel "lost". To help narrow the gap between beginners and veterans, as well as to build a solid gaming community, we are starting a game guide writing contest.


The contest is divided into 5 topics, each participant is to pick one or more of the topics. Please note if you pick more than one topic, you are to write more than one guide.





  • Getting Started
  • Gold System
  • 3v3
  • Item Crafting



  • For each topic, one best guide is to be selected. The author will win in-game items of Daisy x 10 and Lv.4 Lucky Stone x 5, as well as a glorious title "Mentor" at our forums.
  • Each participant other than the winners will receive Lv.3 Lucky Stone x 5



  • The winners are to be determined by our operating and management team.


How to join

  • Players willing to take a part in the contest should submit their guides as a topic under the Gameplay and Guides Section. You are automatically enrolled once you submit your guide. Please note only informative guides are considered valid.



  • The contest begins today and it will end on th of October 15.
  • The first 2 weeks are the submitting period, your guides will be collected. You can submit your guide no later than 0:00 October 8.
  • The judges will determine the winners after submitting period ends, and the results will be announced within a week.


Guidelines for Each Topic


As long as your guide is helpful to readers, you can choose your writing style freely. Please make sure your guides are well structured and easy to read.

For each topic, it is recommended that you cover the following contents.


Getting Started

  • Quests
  • Daily Chores
  • Starting Strategy


Gold System

  • Source
  • Maximizing Income
  • Spend Wisely



  • How to Register
  • Strategy


Item Crafting

  • How it works
  • Finding components


If you have any questions regarding this event, please comment below.



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