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FIFA 15 Features Reviewed: Graphics, Gameplay And Game Modes

FIFA 15 Features Reviewed: Graphics, Gameplay And Game Modes

cheap fifa 16 coinsThe recently released FIFA 15 by EA Sports could literally bring football closer to home and as realistic as ever. With its new and improved features, EA Sports bring football fans into a whole new level of being involved and bringing their fantasy games come to life.

One of the best improvements to FIFA 15 is the insertion of "feeling" and "drama" to the game with the advanced emotional intelligence which seems to bring characters back to life. Gamers would be enjoying over 600 emotions of players, teammates, commentators, and fans in reaction to the game as they would in real life. This advancement brings up a dynamic match presentation with improved commentary, fan reactions, chants (relevant to the player's chosen club), bench reactions, sideline characters, and even 10-man goal celebrations. Even goalkeepers are new and improved as the developers added 50 new realistic save animations. Improved goalkeeper AI (Artificial Intelligence) provides a more intelligent decision and tactic of the goalkeeper in relation to the game situation. Lastly, the game's realistic environment provides a more entertaining and simulating gameplay, such as the playing field wearing down, foot prints marking the ground, and shirts being dirty with mud and grass as the game goes on.fifa 16 coins

Aside for fancy graphics, gameplay was also developed. Dribbling is improved with the all new Run Touch Dribbling which makes it easier to control the ball at slow speed with more precise and accurate control when sprinting. Great responsiveness of characters provide better player control. The game also encourages a tougher play as it gets more physical: shoulder barges, shirt pulling, push pull mechanics, and most of all, the Big Fall Mechanics in which one must look out for stunning fouls.
Another interesting addition which connects fans to the FIFA universe even more is the Match Day Live feature. Powered by, it enables fans to browse the latest news and updates regarding their favourite players and teams. Gamers also get to choose from two interesting game modes: one is EA's most popular mode, FUT or FIFA Ultimate Team wherein one can play, manage, or trade players; while the other one is the Career Mode where one's managerial skills will be challenged as one get to play as the manager for the whole football club.

The FUT method features 18 licensed teams, and FIFA 15 becomes more interesting as it includes the Turkish SuperLig and the Saudi Professional League for the first time. In its game debut, the Saudi Professional TOTS went live last June 5 and will be available for purchase on FUT market until June 11th.


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