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Inventary Space

Inventary Space

Hi all,
I do not know if it's the appropriate section, but i want say if we can stack more item at 999.

I already have 210 sloot in inventary an 42 sloot in storage, the max we can have, but there are too much item bound to take and we can't take all.
They put all item bound for who make 3 or 4 account and Exchange the item, it's ok i'm agree but for who have only one account and one player it's very difficult play with few spaces in inventary.

We can increase the stack of all the card like Exp Card (1,4 & Double), Offline Card;
the Verification Card and Senior Wings Card;
the Luck Token, Secret Pattern, the Rebirth Cross, the Refining Powder and the Angel Hearts (Green, Blu, Purple).

Please do it.
Hope someone read this.
Thanks very much.   


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