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Newbie Tips(Enhancement, Upgrades, Purp Equipment)

Newbie Tips(Enhancement, Upgrades, Purp Equipment)

Some useful tips for Newbies!

Equipment for lvl 50+
Location of Burning Church: Frozen Forest > Talsarah > Burning Church.

The best equipment, in my opinion for any player to get at this point are the Purple Equipment you get from farming [Dragonester Fragments] in Burning Church 1F. To get these [Dragonester Fragments] quick, you will need to have the 10x Drop Rate Buff from accepting the Light Sage Quest "Sneak On". Please do note that the [Dragonester Fragments] will be bound when you have the buff on. Also, if you have some spare time after finishing all your quests, just leave your character AFK at Burning Church 1F until server resets all daily quests. But, before you start farming over there, you'll need to at least have your Blue Lvl 50 Sword and Armor, and either, a green or blue Lvl 50 Amulet. Enhancing your Armor to +5 and getting your Ammy to +5 is our top priority for now to get more Defense, so you'll be able to survive in Burning Church without having to use loads of HP potions. After getting your armor to +5, the next thing to go for is the weapon, so you'll be dealing more damage and killing mobs faster in Burning Church. You must be wondering..."+5? I'm having a hard time getting stuff to +4 even. -.-" Well, do not fret, I will cover where you'll need to farm those stones later and get your armor and ammy to +5 in 2-3 days.

Number of [Dragonester Fragments] needed for each piece of equipment:
Helm = 100 pieces
Armor = 120 pieces
Boots = 80 pieces

Note: I didn't include level 50 purple weapon, because it's so hard to get, and the level 62 Blue Weapon is way better.

Equipment Enhancement and Star Upgrade:

Enhance Stones

In Pirate Fortress, you'll be given [Pirate Badges] after defeating the Kraken. These badges can be used to exchange for Lvls 1, 2, 3, and 4 Enhance Stones, and Lvls 1, 2, 3 and 4 Star Stones. You're given 4 times daily entries for Pirate Fort, and I strongly suggest that you finish all those entries. Now some of you lvl 40's or 50's would think this is hassle because the mobs take too long to kill. Well, the mobs give out Unbound [Lvl 1 Enhance Stones] and an Unbound [Pirate Ship Log]. The unbound enhance stones, you can sell for some decent gold, if you're not planning on using them. The Pirate Log, if you haven't know yet, gives you an extra chance to enter Fortress, so this means more badges. If you don't have the time to kill all the mobs, just finish the daily quests the Pirate Fort NPC gives you, and go straight to the boss, so you won't consume too much time. After finishing all 4 runs, and submitting the Pirate Trek quests to the NPC, you should at least have around 15-20+ pirate badges per day.  

Succes Rates for Enhancement (Without Tokens, Luck Crystals or Alliance Smithy):

+0 - +1 is 100% with a Lvl 2 Enhance Stone
+1 - +2 Is 100% with a Lvl 3 Enhance Stone
+2 - +3 is 100% with a Lvl 4 Enhance Stone
+3 - +4 is 100% with a Lvl 5 Enhance Stone and 75%with 3 Lvl 4 Enhance Stones, I'll check later and edit this bit. Iforgot the success rate.
+4 - +5 Forgot the success rate, but I strongly suggest you use 1 or 2 Lvl 5 Enhance Stones. Will come back and edit this part later.
+5 - +6 3 Level 5 Enhance Stones to get a success rate of 75% without Alliance Blacksmith and other Buffs.
+6 - +7 Around 45-50% success rate with 3 Lvl 5 Enhance Stones without Alliance Blacksmith and other Buffs.

Star Stones
Note: To unlock Talsarah Dailies at Medgate Notice Board you have to finish all the Sub-Quests for Talsarh.

Star Stones are needed for you to upgrade your accessories to the next level. You can get them from exchanging [Defender Badges] at Enhance Exchange NPC in Medgate. These badges can be acquired by completing the daily Talsarah Quests from the Medgate Notice Board.Do note though, that the quests from Medgate Notice Board will only be available at level 50 onwards. When you're below level 50, just do the Sub-Quests in Talsarah that gives you Star Stones in exchange for completing the quest.

Success Rate for Star Upgrade:
+0 - +1 - 100% with 2 level 3 Star Stones (50% each)
+1 - +2
+2 - +3
+4 - +5 39% with 1 level 4 Star Stone, so you'll need 2 Level 4s and 1 level 3 to get near 100%. Having Alliance Blacksmith to at least Level 2 helps. A lot.
+5 - +6
+6 - +7 100% with 1 Lvl 5 Star Stone, 2 Lvl 4 Star Stones and at least Level 2 Alliance Blacksmith.
+7 - +8 92% with 2 Lvl 5 Star Stones without ALC Smithy and other buffs. 100% with at least Level 2 Alliance Blacksmith.
+8 - +9 91% with 3 Lvl 5 Star Stones without ALC Smithy and other buffs. 100% with alc smithy.
+9 - +10


Leveling your way to 60+ shouldn't be all that hard with all the good quests OQ has to offer. Basically, all you have to do is aim for 120 activeness each day and make sure you finish all your dungeons. But, if you don't have the time to aim for 120 activeness each day, just be sure to at least do your Daily Escorts, Red Dragon Dungeon, Buffet, Alliance Dungeon, Class Ring Quests, Daily Quest Book, 4 Times Pirate Fortress, Talsarah Dailies from Medgate Notice Board and if you can, join pet comp. Pet competition gives decent exp if you do it 20/20 times a day.

Soul Blade and Soul Scoop
Soul Blades are weapons that accumulates experience and gets stronger as it increases in level. Moreover, each Soul Blade has a skill unique only to itself. Another cool function of SBs are Get Souls and Soul Scoop. Get Souls allows you to get more Soul Points for a cheap price of 50 silver(250 souls increase) the first time of the day, and 2 gold(500 souls increase) the second time around. Now it is important that you get souls everyday, so you'll have more chances to use Soul Scoop.Soul Scoop gives you an HP bonus each time you use it, but don't forget that you need to at least have 100 souls to use this function.

Good Soulbades to get:

Greyshield - Defensive Type (240 Greyshield Frags, Can be found in Shrine Church, Exchange at Shrine NPC)
Silverstar - Offensive Type (240 Silverstar Frags, Can be found in Shrine Church, Exchange at Shrine NPC)
SB Transfer Item - Can transfer attributes from your old SB to your new one. (50 Broken Heart Frags, Can be found in Shrine Church, Exchange at Shrine NPC)

Finishing Sub-Quest "Exchange For Soulbade"
Quest Reward: Level 15 Purple Weapon

Ok, a lot of lowbies were asking me how to complete this quest without spending gold leaves. I'm not really good at explaining, so I hope you bare with me on this one. Basically, to complete this quest, you will need to get 16 Level 1 Unbound Enhance Stones from killing mobs in Pirate Fortress. Now, if you're  really determined to get this, you'll have to do your Pirate Fortress 4 times a day, and make sure to sweep every single mob. After getting the 16 Level 1 Enhance Stones, we'll be merging these into 4 Level 2 Enhance Stones via the MB button on the lower-right corner of your screen. After that, use the 4 level 2 Enhance Stones to form 1 Level 3 Enhance Stone.

Caution: Please make sure that you only have the unbound enhance stones or you might accidentally merge them with bound ones, thus making the resulting item bound too. Read more about merging in the next section.


Merging is an essential knowledge to any OQ player, since this allows you to merge lower level runes, ehnance stones, star stones and pet evo stones to higher level stones. To go to the merging interface, press the MB button on the bottom-right corner of your screen. Then choose among the options there which you wanna do. Do note that you need 4 lower level runes, star stones and enhance stones to use the merge feature. Also, pet evo stones only require 2 lower level stones to merge.


To get a Level 5 Enhance Stone, you will need to merge 4 pieces of Level 4 Enhance Stones. As for Pet Evo Stones, you will need 2 Pieces of 2 Level 4 Evo Stones to create one piece of Level 5 Evo Stone.

Alliance Quest, Donations and Dungeon, and Why They're Important

Alliances--so called guild and factions in other games--are good places to know people better and to team up doing quests. Now these Alliances have a feature called buildings, which are the ALC Blacksmith and ALC Deposit. The ALC Blacksmith helps by increasing the success rate of enhancements. While, the ALC Deposit is where people can share the rare equipment and items to their fellow members. In order for these buildings to improve, it will require Alliance Wealth, which is acquired by Alliance Members completing their daily quest called "Alliance Quest". So, if you want these cool buildings to improve, you better start doing your part in your own Alliance to make your Alliance be the best.

Alliance donation (CP) is another requirement for an Alliance to grow and level up, because as your alliance level increases, the maximum members allowed in the alliance increases as well. Not to mention, Alliance Skills will be unlocked at each level. Donating CP to your alliance can be done by giving all your materials to Medgate Alliance Donation NPC - Sophia. Please, donate all your mats to your Alliance, since they're pretty much useless to donate to Class NPCs. Why? Because you can get a load of Class Reputation just by doing Class Quests alone.

Alliance dungeon is a good place you can earn experience and materials. It is a dungeon where all your alliance members can get in once a day on the activation of your Alliance President or Vice-President. Also, after killing the Dungeon Boss, please do not exit the dungeon, because you are being given Experience every few seconds just by staying idle inside the dungeon.



Hi. This Frostentity from youjoy OQ forums. I updated the Guide on youjoy. Added 62 Purps and AFK Grinding spots for level 80+. It would be nice if you can copy and paste it from there, since I know some new players would need to know about these stuff.   


-Frostentity, Youjoy Forums
Youjoy S1 Genesis - Taciturn Lv 82 Gamebox S5 Sleipnir - Taciturn Lv Noob


62 upgrades

so where u ment to find the medals for upgrading 50 purp to 62


Csb rewards and in treasure hunt. Also can get some from certain gl events


can u transfer tarot lvl from ur old stamp and badges?


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Hi Evo, thanks for your inquiry here.
After the transfer, the main Badge and stamp will inherit the highest Tarot effect.
You can browse more information on SB-Transfer in the game.
Hope it helps.:)
If you have any other problem, please feel free to contact us.


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