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【Land Rush is back! 16/10】

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【Land Rush is back! 16/10】

LAND RUSH is officialy back

Check out more details about LAND RUSH on POWER BATTLE PAGE:

In the war-ridden world, a single person is hardly able to survive. Alliance is to a soldier what a family to a person. It can not only bring players friends and the sense of belonging and also offer players the most important resources (The donate system will grant players EXP and silver. Regular resources will be obtained when LAND RUSH succeeds.). Therefore, the conflicts between alliances can hardly be avoided - LAND RUSH is born. In this chaotic world, fight with your brothers in the alliance, attacking, defensing and holding the cities. After the successful occupation, all heroes will get rich rewards.

Three times in a week, 2 hours in a row, by server time.
Exact time schedule is as followings:
Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00 (server time)
Thursday 18:00 - 20:00 (server time)
Sunday 18:00 - 20:00 (server time)

1.        The participant must be a member of an alliance. Everyone with an alliance can enter to the LAND RUSH interface by clicking “ALLIANCE WAR” when the LAND RUSH begins.
2.        The president and the staffs of the alliance are qualified to deploy the participants; each of them can deploy 10 participants at most and click “SAVE”. After the deployment, every deployed participant will receive a notification to enter the LAND RUSH.
3.        Then, the commander or the staffs click any City on the LAND RUSH map to attack.




1.        At the very beginning of the LAND RUSH every time, every city is an empty one, so the first occupying alliance doesn’t need to fight, it can occupy directly.
2.        If the city is occupied by another alliance, the president and staffs of the alliance will have to deploy participants to launch an attack.
3.        The president of the current occupying alliance will receive a note (must be on the LAND RUSH interface). Then both alliances will have 1 min to get prepared. The commander and staffs can deploy the participants and make the strongest troops in this minute.
4.        The attacking alliance will have the first round after the LAND RUSH begins.
5.        If the attacking alliance has eliminated all participants of current occupying alliance within the fixed rounds, the attacking alliance wins. But if the occupying alliance has eliminated all participants of current attacking alliance within the fixed rounds, the current occupying alliances wins.
6.        If the current occupying alliance wins, it will continue occupying this city; if the attacking alliance wins, it will occupy the city.
7.        Every city has 5 min protection time after being attacked. It can’t be attacked during this period of time.
8.        During the 2-hour Land Rush, alliances can choose whichever city they want to attack. The final result will be based on the last minute progress. The strongest players of the alliance are preferred in LAND RUSH. The more players participate, the more chances your alliance will get to win.
9.        Every alliance can only attack/occupy one city at the same time.
10.        Gold donation can be used to enhance the attributions of alliance participants during Land Rush. It is a huge increase power to your alliance.

1.        During every battle of LAND RUSH, all participants (including attacking and current occupying alliances) will get rewards of different amount, including silver, EXP and MR.
2.        When LAND RUSH ends, every city will create rewards (including gold, silver, EXP and MR) of different amount. Rewards include two parts, occupation rewards and continuous rewards.
3.        The occupying alliance will get extra resources created by the city (Different rewards can be checked in the city; after the LAND RUSH, the commander or staffs can check rewards in “reward record”). The rewards can be distributed by the president or staffs to 3 participants in the alliance. The rewards should be distributed before next LAND RUSH begins, or they will be cleared.
4.        Different city will generate different occupying rewards. The current rewarding contents are as follows:
City        MR        Gold        Silver        Honor
London        0        0        2000000        0
Paris        500000        0        0        0
Berlin        0        0        0        50000
Roma        0        100        0        0
5.        Continuous Rewards: When the Land Rush ends, if the current occupying alliance continues to occupy the city, every member of the alliance will be able to receive the continuous rewards. Every member can receive the rewards every 5 hours until next Land Rush begins. The continuous rewards can be claimed under ALC Benefit page.
6.        Due to the different city, different resources will be rewarded.
London:   Silver
Paris:    EXP
Berlin:   RP
Roma:     MR
7.        The amount of rewards is related to every player’s HQ level and alliance activeness. The higher your HQ level and your alliance activeness are the more rewards you will receive.


Poison Boom:
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AlenGentry sever S-1 Gibraltar

as an ally invite the alliance axis eg


AlenGentry sever S-1 Gibraltar

wave as I do to add to my LT alliance is allied



The Polar bear in Moscow sees only red allies of the TT on the RC outside Vladivostok where the sea alliance saw the picture.

Can you fix that please?
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