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【Announcement】Paymentwall Recharging Channel makes its debute on Gamebox

【Announcement】Paymentwall Recharging Channel makes its debute on Gamebox

Dear all players,
Here comes an exciting news that a brand new recharging channel has arrived at gamebox site. For players who are already familiar with this recharging channel, you are able to log into gamebox site's recharging center to recharge for your game now.

Currently Paymentwall is only available to use for game Ancient Summoner. It will apply to other games on gamebox very soon. Please stay tuned.


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Paymentwall FAQ

What is Paymentwall?
Paymentwall is a payment platform offering various payment options that are accessible and popular in your location. Our goal is to help users easily get virtual currency in social applications and games by making direct payments or by choosing advertiser offers. We are based in partially sunny San Francisco.

Why do I need to create a Paymentwall account?
If you have a Paymentwall account, we will be able to recognize you as our loyal customer during your future purchases. We will be able to provide you with better users' experience through targeted customer support and our loyalty programs.

How can I make a payment?
Once you are in the website, please choose Paymentwall as desired payment option. You will then be directed to our widget where you will see the various payment methods available for you. You will be guided accordingly on how to complete your order using these different payment options.

How long should I wait to receive my purchase?
Processing time varies depending on the payment system used. Some payment methods are almost real-time while others take a little longer to process.

I did not receive the service or credits I paid for, what should I do?
Some transactions may take longer time to clear than others. Processing time depends on payment method used. If you have payment receipt or confimation that the money were deducted from your account, kindly create an inquiry, attaching screenshots of your confirmation of payment. We will investigate this matter as soon as possible.

One of my payments is on hold, what should I do?
Do not fret. Your payment is under review by our Risk Team. The verification process may take a few hours. Please find an email with instructions on how to speed up the process and prevent your further purchases for being blocked.

My payment history shows several payment attempts, will I get charged for all of them?
For reference purposes, all transaction attempts are kept in the payment history, whether they are successful or not. However, you will only be charged for payments that are successful.

I completed an offer but did not receive credits for it, what should I do?
Making an inquiry is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You may start an inquiry via our widget by going to your Account and clicking on the Offers history. Just click on the button "Start inquiry", for the inquiry you did not received your points. One of our team members will get in touch with you to make sure your issue is resolved as soon as possible.

How to contact Paymentwall and make an inquiry there?
Please go click this link and state your problem clearly, make sure you have logged in before making the inquiry.


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