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Is World Of Warcraft Even Killable?

Is World Of Warcraft Even Killable? of Warcraft is hemorrhaging its 5 million monthly subscribers so fast, the company that makes it announced it won't even announce subscriber numbers anymore. Fans are angry. But will it ever die?

Ask a junkie about some watered-down drugs, and they will tell you it sucks. But they will still hit it anyway.

Thus, some World of Warcraft Players say, is their current predicament. Blizzard Entertainment has made a career from producing addictive games of good quality, and for long was one of the few gaming companies to have a nearly perfect average. But some fans say that ever since merging with Activision, this is no longer the case. And that reflected in a report from August: Activision announced it lost 44 percent of its subscribers in the previous six months.

The first trailer for their Warcraft film, the much ballyhooed future flagship of the WoW empire, seems to crystalize the criticisms: coasting on their legacy and falling a bit behind the times. With its oddly cartoonish graphics and confusing tone, the buzz around the film is that it's five, maybe 10 years too late-and it likely won't stop the horde of criticism from of players obsessed with the franchise at its release date come next year.

Ask some former fans though and, to them, the thrill is largely gone. The flagship game of their franchise, World of Warcraft, still has a loyal fan base. But many have since moved on, bored by the slow pace and Blizzard not figuring out who to focus on.Wow Gold


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