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1. Santa Sleigh ride in shop for duration of Christmas

2. Loki’s Trick Task at Ethan back again!

3. Modified the golden accessories materials in the magic box, and we can make Psyche Stone(U) with Senior psyche stone now!

4. Reindeer race is coming!

And we change part of rewards for the race as following parts that highlight in yellow
         rewards        count
Lv1 Track        Lv6 Enhance Stone        1
        Lv6 Star Stone        1
        Divine Soul Crystal        5
Lv2 Track        Junior phyche stone        5
        Moon Seal        5
        Inventory Enlarger(2 slots)        1
Lv3 Track        Essence pack (L)        1
        Lv2 Demon Potion        10
        senior psyche stone        5
Lv4 Track        Golden Wish        2
        Lv2 Charcoal Powder        5
        Lv3 Demon Potion        5
finish        Lv3 Hyle Goldsand        5
        Lv3 Charcoal Powder        5
        Lv17 Luck Crystal        1
1st of Daily Distance        Star Energy Pack(L)        3
        Advanced Soul Essence        5
        purple Dragon Ball        3
2nd of Daily Distance        Star Energy Pack(L)        2
        Advanced Soul Essence        3
        purple Dragon Ball        2
3rd of Daily Distance        Star Energy Pack(L)        1
        Advanced Soul Essence        1
        Purple Dragon Ball        1
1st of Daily Distance        Lv19 Luck Crystal        1
        senior psyche stone        30
        Golden Wish        5
2nd of Daily Distance        Lv18 Luck Crystal        1
        senior psyche stone        20
        Golden Wish        3
3rd of Daily Distance        Lv7 Ehc stone        6
        senior psyche stone        15
        Golden Wish        2

5. Adding purple dragon ball to Senior Online Pack-1

6. Adding Xmas box in the shop. You may get golden snack accessories in the box directly!

7. During the event, players can go into Pet Island for 3 times and get 1 Prismatic Pet Egg by killing the boss. Using Prismatic Pet Egg players might get cute pet MushroonHead!

8. During the event, players might get Santa Claus's stocking by killing the exp monsters in the map. Using it you can find special Christmas gift on certain location, especially skin card,which can be used to exchange Christmas skin at NPC Lilia.

9. This week, players will get double rewards for the MS rank, Treasure rank and Gems rank, which will be sent on 29th Dec. Only for this week!



The glitch I usually come across with the Lottery is not getting the coins in the mail.  However, this morning I got coins but no Lottery option on the top of the screen.  What happened to Lottery?


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