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Lucky Supermarket FAQ

Lucky Supermarket FAQ

1.        I don’t know what to do after the novice guide!
•        Click the Quest icon on the left to accept quests.
•        Quests will help you advance through the game.
•        You can also click the SERVE button in the lower-right corner of the screen to serve customers and earn yourself a lot of experience.

2.        What can I do if I don’t have any goods?
•        Click the STOCK button at the bottom of the screen.  
•        You’ll find yourself on the stock page.
•        Now click the goods you want to purchase from the stock list, as shown below:

•        The goods will automatically be stored in your inventory.

3.        How do I change the goods on a shelf?
•        Click thebutton in the lower-right corner of the screen
•        Select thebutton.
•        Click the shelf you want to change goods on.

4.        How do I sell goods that I don’t need anymore?
•        Select the INVENTORY button at the bottom of the screen.  
•        Click the GOODS icon.  
•        Choose the goods you want to sell.
•        Click the cross icon in the top-right corner.
•        The following sell page will pop up:

•        Choose the amount of the goods you want to sell, and then click the confirm button.

5.        What should I do if a shelf is not facing the road?
•        Click theicon in the lower-right corner.
•        Choose theRotate button, and then click the shelf to rotate it.
6.        The customers move quite slowly, how can I speed them up?
•        Click thebutton in the lower–right corner.
•        Select thebutton to make customers move at double speed.
•        Click on thebutton to make the customers move at quadruple speed.
•        The button will now look like this:
•        Click the button again to return to normal speed.

7.        I have used up my Energy, how can I get more?
•        You can purchase Energy in the shop.
•        Some quests will also reward you with Energy.
•        You can get 2 Energy Points if you complete the daily interactions in one of your friends’ supermarkets.
•        You can even ask your friends for Energy. The more friends you have, the more Energy you will get.
•        Every time you visit a new friend, you can obtain 5 Energy Points, so invite as many new friends as you can!

8.        I clicked on “SERVE”, but no customers came…
•        First of all, confirm you have enough customers.
•        The number of customers and the number of times you can serve are shown at the top of the screen:

•        You cannot serve when you don’t have enough customers.
•        If you click the SERVE button you may receive the following message:

•        This means that the road to your supermarket is blocked. Please reposition your shelves to make an unimpeded route connecting the entrance and the exit, and then try to serve again.

9.        What should I do if I don’t have enough customers?
•        The number of customers increases by 1 every 5 minutes.
•        Try using the time in between to visit your friends and have some fun with them!

10.        What do the icons over customers’ heads mean?
•        These icons show what the customers want. When they see the kind of good they want, they will purchase more of it than the rest.
•        Build more kinds of shelves to meet the demands of your customers and earn more money!

11.        My supermarket is not big enough. How can I make it bigger?
•        Click the dark area around your supermarket.
•        The area by which it can be expanded will appear.
•        Click theicon to expand it, granted that you meet the requirements.
•        If you do not meet the requirements, a system message will tell you what you need.
•        Try to meet the requirements and then try expanding again.

12.        How can I get more zoning permits?
•        You can purchase permits in the shop, or you can ask your friends for permits.
•        Your friends must agree to your request for you to receive permits from them.
•        The more friends you have, the more permits you will get!

13.        How can I increase my popularity?
•        You can earn popularity every time you serve customers.
•        Building decorations can also increase your popularity.
•        Level up to unlock more decorations and make your popularity increase quicker.

14.        Where can I view my cards, and how do I use them?
•        Click thebutton at the bottom of the screen to access your COLLECTIONS.
•        You can see all the cards you have obtained here.
•        When you get a set of cards, you can exchange them for rewards, or you can keep collecting and try to get all the cards!

15.        How can I get cards quickly?
•        In COLLECTIONS, click the button on the card you want to add it to your Wishlist
•        Click thebutton to let your friends see your wish.
•        If they have the card you need, they can gift it to you.

16.        A thief has gotten into my supermarket, what should I do?!
•        Build a security station and hire a friend as a security officer to protect your business.
•        Click the BUILD button, select the security station under SPECIAL BUILDINGS and then build.
•        You will need your friends’ help to complete this building.

17.        How do I fire my employees?
•        Click the picture over an employee’s head.  
•        The dismissal interface will pop up.
•        Click the confirm button to fire the employee.

18.        I don’t have enough coins! What should I do?
•        You can build a service station to get coins, or you can visit your friends’ supermarkets and interact with them.
•        The first 10 daily interactions can earn you a large number of coins.
•        Serving customers can earn you profits too.
•        You can also choose to exchange your cash for coins.

19.        How can I make my supermarket stand out from the crowd?
•        Click the button to move your shelves and decorations.
•        Alternatively, you can click the button to recycle the contents of your shop, such shelves and decorations, and rearrange them according to your preferences.
•        Make a supermarket of your own unique style!

20.        Can I save the layout of my supermarket?
•        Click the button in the lower–right corner of the screen.
•        Click thebutton to take a picture of your supermarket.
•        You can share your pictures with your friends, and save them on your computer.
•        Enjoy your pictures and store your wonderful memories!


My page

I have a few issues with this game, Ive been playing for a little while and some of the issues i have been able to overlook but i am tired of it now, When i logged in, Everything in my shop had moved! i dont want to be rearranging my shop every day! I cannot accept gifts from my friends and my friend does not recieve requests from me?


Reply 2 # post

Hello dear player, can you give us your name in game please? So we can check your problem. Thank you!


Cant do the quest

I have the quest called "safety first". I bought the security station but I couldn't do the next step. I have bought the security station again but it is till not working. Please check it for me. My name in game is "Ji Bút Chì", my facebook is love_equals_obsession@yahoo.com



hey I will not go into the game I will start again and stop all the time at 75% hope it is possible to fix


Problem with quest

I also can not finish the security task. It will not let me build it. Also the customer info I bought, and can not build it. I've emptied my browser cache.


Really would like my question answered, please? Why won't the game let me build the security station? Or the customer service desk?


Starting the game.

When I begin the beginners guide, it won't let me move the screen to place the box so I'm literally stuck there, I can't even play and all my friends get to. I havent even made a name for it either.I can't do anything.



I have issues with this game. I bought 2 fruit and vegetable shelves for 67.5k each but after i placed them my computer hang. When i tried to refresh the game, my coins were deducted for 135k but the items are not showing even in my inventory. This already happen twice. This is my username in facebook// Mhegz Yamamoto



I have issue with the expansion. last expansion i made was just asking for 3000 popularity and then i saw that my next expansion will just be needing a 3700 popularity but now its saying i need 9972 popularity.. Can you check on this please. I really like this game but so may issues going on


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