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【FAQ】Transfer Your YahooGame Account to

【FAQ】Transfer Your YahooGame Account to

Dear Yahoo players,
We received the notification from that they are going to close Yahoogame busniess before the end of March. To make sure that you can go on your game normally at that time, we kindly suggest that you may transfer your Yahoogame account to Gamebox in advance. And here are the steps for you to do that:

1. Go to and Sign up a NEW account with your own E-mail.

2. After that, CONTACT GM via any ways(GM-Support/Fanpage/E-mail) and provide your nickname/server name along with the new account(E-mail) you just registered. We will bind your game account to that new account in so that you can play it as usual.

3. You will get cheaper price of gold by recharging in, why not do it right now?!

Tips: How to change nickname in Go to My account-Profile-Nickname to change your nickname. Also you can bind your E-mail in so that if you forget password, you can find it back. Go to My Account-Security-E-mail Verification.

Any other problem, just feel free to contact GM in game. Thank you for your cooperation.
Wish you have a nice day!
Best Regards
GW Team


game transfer

I have tried to contact these people I go to contact page and  wined up back on the same page If I cant transfer my game I want my money back all of it.


Yahoo Games to Gamebox issue

Same here. As usual, anything to do with game support is a pain in the arse


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