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Halloween Event

Halloween Event

Halloween Event

01:30, Oct. 30 – 24:00 Nov. 1 (After a short maintenance)


During the event period, a spooky village will appear on the world map. Every year at this time, a headless devil knight comes here riding a black horse so people call it the Beheaded Village.


It is said that once upon a time, there was a villain called Jack. He made a deal with the headless demon to get the immunity of his evil deeds with the price of that he would become a Pumpkin Ghost after his death.


Minions of the demons are emerging at the Beheaded Village. Defeat them to get the Magical Pumpkins!


The Magical Pumpkins can be used to purchase powerful items and Halloween Equipment.


Any player who collects all the pieces of the Halloween Set and posts a screenshot on the forums/facebook fanpage will receive extra reward of:
- Lv.3 Fire Stone
- Lv.3 Ice Stone
- Gift Package

Do not forget to leave your server name and ingame name in order to receive the rewards!

The full set of Halloween Equipment consists of 8 pieces:

- Ghost Helmet

- Ghost Chest

- Ghost Waist

- Ghost Gloves

- Ghost Leggings

- Ghost Shoes

- Ghost Ring

- Ghost Pendant

Have fun!





Later better then never . Im not sure if the contest for the full set of ghost still open , but i give it a try . Ingame name : Sc0ute Server name : S1 Spartacus


ghost contest.jpg (443.48 KB)

2013-11-02 09:29,download times: 0

ghost contest.jpg


Dear players:
To thank you for your support, we decide to extend the Halloween Event for 48 hours, it will be end at 24:00 Nov.3.
Have Fun!


Player : Brutaxe , S1- Spartacus


brut event.jpg (269.76 KB)

2013-11-03 07:21,download times: 0

brut event.jpg


In game name: goth1c Server: S4 - SULLA


In game name : Proxima server : Spartacus - S1


set pic.jpg (406.62 KB)

2013-11-03 16:04,download times: 0

set pic.jpg


Halloween Event

S1 - Juliet


Untitled.png (1.39 MB)

2013-11-04 03:55,download times: 0



Hi all, the rewards for Halloween event have been distributed to you.
Please have a check.
Should you have any issue, please feel free to contact us.


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