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You can advance by captivation down

You can advance by captivation down

You can advance by captivation down the R button, and the L button resets the camera abaft DJ's back. The directional pad is acclimated to change guns. Although the bold requires you to use every button on the PSP, the controls still feel automated and simple to master. However, we did apprehension that it isn't absolute simple to about-face accoutrements on the fly, aback you accept to crop your deride off the analog stick to use the D pad, which agency you can't move as you change guns. This can be frustrating, aback you'll about run out of ammo or allegation to about-face to more-powerful accoutrements while affronted a big accumulation of enemies, which is a bad time to bend still and bollix with the D pad. DJ has to run, jump, slice, and shoot his way through several absurd stages.
As you run around, the camera usually stays abutting abaft DJ, but if you al of a sudden change direction, the camera will not follow. You can tap the L button to breeze the camera aback abaft DJ's back, which works appealing able-bodied for the a lot of part, but in bedfast areas it's sometimes difficult to see what's traveling on about you. Luckily, you can lock on to enemies by captivation the R button, which aswell lets you advance about them. However, already you are bound on one target, you can't bound about-face to accession target, which can accomplish it difficult, as sometimes you'll auto-lock on an azoic commodity while a huge barbarian chucks fireballs at you.

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