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Straighten a synthetic wig effectively

Straighten a synthetic wig effectively

Though synthetic wigs are cheap in price, and to human hair wigs some extends breathe and lift, they should keep away from the heat, which has cause inconvenience when changing styles. Sometimes, we wish to change the hairstyles of our wigs to attend different occasions and match with different clothes. But the special material of synthetic wigs make it a problem.

Now we are going to teach you how to synthetic wigs straighten a synthetic wig effectively. Before everything begins, please keep your wig away from the heat. And we are going to use other ways to finish this work.
First you should get your wig ready on a wig stand. Wet your wig with some warm water, and comb your wig from the top to lace wigs the ends. Before the wig is completely day in the air, bring your wig into the bathroom. With hot steam. The hot steam should prepared by running hot water in the bathroom. Then continue to comb your wig from the top to the ends, to make it straight. Because of the wet hair and the hot steam, your synthetic wig will be straighten without damage. Last, dry your wig in the air.
Then you can wear your straightened synthetic wig to some other occasions.


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