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【Common FAQ about GW】

【Common FAQ about GW】

Common FAQ about GW

1. Troops
How many army kinds does General War have, and how should we arrange them in battles?
General War has three kinds of armies: infantry, artillery and tanks. a. Infantry: strong marching ability, weak defense, higher damage against Artillery b. Artillery: weak marching ability, high crit rate, higher damage against Tanks c. Tanks: medium marching ability, strong defense, higher damage against Infantry Players should make use of the tactics accordingly to make the greatest damage with the least cost to your enemy.

2. CD time
What does Troop Upgrading CD maxed mean and how do I fix it to level up my troops?
When the troop upgrading CD max, it means you have no available builders for now to upgrade the buildings now. To solve that issue, you are suggested to purchase VIP, which will give 6 builders in total to help you upgrade. There are also other privileges given for VIP that you may check by clicking "VIP" icon on the top left corner.

3. Name Changing
How can I change my name?
Currently your name is not able to be changed once it is made at the first place. We havn’t developed the name changing function yet. It has been forwarded to the developers under advisement. For now, you can register a new account and set a new name you like to make that done.

4. About RP
How can we get additional Reputation Points?
The quickest way to gain RP is donating silver to your alliance or exchanging it with gold in the "Exchange" panel. You can also get RP in online pack, consulate, battle, login rewards or watch tower.

5. Extra Troop Slots for VIP
Why I cannot use the extra troop slot in troop formation even when I am VIP?
The extra slots in troop formation are not for you to assign troops. They can be considered as AIs that help you during certain circumstance, aka you cannot control how they move. They will show in battle when you were attacked at city siege, also when you're intending to up-rise from other's occupation of your city, as well as when in watch tower to help you win(not at common battle or arena or instances though).

6. General-System
Where do I check my GP and how do I use them?
To check your current GP, please click "Shop" in the bottom of the screen, and enter "Gen" panel afterwards. You can see your GP in the lower right corner over the "exchange" button. To get more GPs, you can wait for the clock refresh every two hours to get 1 GP, or use exp to refresh to get 2 GP each time, or use three kinds of conscriptions refresh to gain 10GP, 30GP and 70GP respectively. The more GP you have, the greater chance you will exchange for a high attributed general.

7. City Siege
How do I get rid of the one who occupied my city?
If your city is occupied by others, you can choose: 1. Uprising--your city will be released if you win. 2. Reinforcement --ask your friend to help to release your city. 3. Gold policy--consume 20 gold to release your city immediately. Or you can invite a friend to save you from the occupation.

8. Land Rush
When is the ALC battle started?
Currently the ALC battle started from 6:00pm--8:00pm on Wednesday and Saturday (Server Time) every week. It will last for 2 hours and your ALC will receive the reward after the battle ends if you team occupied a city successfully. During the time of ALC battle not on, all members of the winning Alliance will be receiving the rewards continuingly, which requires each member to claim the reward in ALC BENIFITS manually.

9. Storage
How can I enlarge my storage room?
You can only purchase extra storage slots to enlarge the storage room. To purchase the slot, please click the “+”sign on the locked slot, and each slot will cost 15 gold.

10. Colosseum
A. What time is set for Colosseum?
0:00 Monday – 23:59 Thursday every week. (All players above level 20 can join.)

B. How to join the Colosseum?
Join a power first, and then click the Colosseum construction, then click “Match”. You will have a 1v1 fight against the player matched by the computer. Your scores are close to each other.

C. How is the reward delivered?
No MR is needed in Colosseum.
Rewards will be granted based on your HQ level and results.
When you win, you will get not only massive scores and rewards, but rich honor points. When the honor reached a certain amount, you can exchange/buy honor items in honor shop (coming soon).
Higher scores, higher ranks. First 16 players of each Power, according to their scores in Colosseum, will be eligible for Power Battle. Therefore, you need to fight as much times as you can every day for higher ranks!

D. How the score of Colosseum works?
According to the result of each battle in Colosseum, scores will be increased if you win, decreased if you lose.
The score variation is related to the difference between the scores of two players. For example, a lower-score player fought against a higher-score player and he won, he would get more scores; a higher-score player fought against a lower-score player and he won, he would get less scores. It is the same principle when the battle lost.
Only the challenging players’ scores will change. No matter what the result is, the scores of your opponent will not change.
Scores of every season will be cleared, your original score in every season will be you HQ level*10.
Scores are mainly used to decide whether you are qualified to enter POWER BATTLE.

11. What’s the time for power battle?
Friday 7:30 p.m. eighth final, BO1
Friday 8:00 p.m. quarterfinal, BO1
Friday 8:30 p.m. semifinal, BO3
Sunday 8:00 p.m. final, BO3

12. How to join the power battle?
First 16 players of each Power (on the score rank) in Colosseum will be eligible for Power Battle.
When the battle begins, online or offline players will all take part in it (so remember get online during the power battle if you are top 16). It will, however, take 4 rounds in 3 days to decide the King and Ministers of each Power.
Eighth final and quarterfinal start at 20:00, Friday, 1v1. (A make-or-break battle)
Semifinal starts at 20:00 Saturday, 1v1 three times in one round. The one wins more than twice will enter to the final.
Final starts at 20:00 Sunday, 1v1 three times in two rounds. Among the top 4 players, the one wins more than twice will be granted the title of King, other 3 will be granted the title of Minister.

13. How the reward of power battle is delivered?
The champion will be granted the title of King with King Rewards. He will be able to buy the King privilege items in the coming honor shop, and become the commander in chief of the Power during the future world war.
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th players will be granted the title of Minister with Minister rewards. They will be able to buy Minister privilege items in the coming honor shop, and become the vice commander of the Power during the future world war(which is coming soon).

14. What are the rewards for Top 16 of score rank?
1st: conscription III, Protection III, Strategy book, Tech manual, silver*100,000
2nd: conscription II, Protection II, Strategy book, Tech manual, silver*50,000
3rd & 4th: conscription I, Protection I, Strategy book, Tech manual, silver*30,000
5-8th: conscription I, Protection I, Safety stone, silver*20,000
9-16th: conscription I, Protection I, silver*10,000

More info about POWER BATTLE, LAND RUSH or COLOSSEUM please check it on the POWER BATTLE PAGE:


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