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5 vs 5 question

5 vs 5 question

Ok i saw something that really weird in 5 vs 5 ...

Is it possible that Gladiators can share stratégies and skill in 5 vs 5 ?
I never saw a secutor using soaring dragon except Crixus.....


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Dear Sc0ute, thanks for your contact. We will double check the issue with the developers and then give you a responsible reply. Hope for your patience.  


Dear Sc0ute, thanks for your patience.
Currently, the soaring dragon skill only is applicable for Crixus.
The developers will consider your proposal about it.
Thanks for your support.  


Dear Green, thanks for your contact.

What i mean is ... " ALL MY GLADIATORS " in " 5 VS 5 " ( In the royale palace .... ) Can share skill and strategie each other . I use Aritolic in the first fight , Nolus on the second fight . Aritolic can use shield master and Nolus can use soaring dragon . Even my barbarian ( who is on the last room ) can do Combo master , butcher , soaring dragon ....

I dont make a suggestion to see if its possible to make Gladiators able to share skill / strategie .... I TELL you that they CAN SHARE skill / strategie right now ingame . Do the GoG devs know that ? its work properly or its another bugs that not suposed to be .

Thanks for your patience.
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Dear Sc0ute, sorry for my bluntness.:)
After checked with the developers, they want to know whether the skill trees of the gladiators appear normally.
Does the skill work abnormally out of 5v5?
We are looking forward to your reply.:)
Sincere sorry for the inconvenience that my misunderstanding has brought to you.


For your first question : We cant check skill trees in 5 vs 5 because we fight , but i assume they are suposed to be normal.

For you second question : Outside 5 vs 5 all skills work normaly. And skill tress are normal too .
[ This post finally by Sc0ute on 2013-11-11  14:07 edit ]


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Thanks for your reply, Sc0ute.
The information has been submitted to the developers for reference.
They will conduct a further check.:)
Thanks for your report towards the issue again.


Ok you guys seem to not understand .... so as soon i can find a place to host my video i will do it .

But before let me explain .

When i found the bug i used Aritolic ( with soaring dragon ) in the first room then Nolus in the second room ect...
IF Aritolic DONT HAVE SOARING DRAGON SELECTED in the skill bar, NOLUS DONT DO soaring dragon .

If Aritolic HAVE SOARING DRAGON in the skill bar , NOLUS DO soaring dragon.

Ive tested with CRIXUS and same thing happenned ....

Now let me edit my video and try to find a place to show you how it happen.


Hi Sc0ute,
Thanks for your report towards the issue and for your effort on adding so much detailed description to it.
The developers checked it and verified it to be a bug.
It is expected to be fixed in the next maintenance.
Hope for your patience. Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience it has caused.  


Sorry for the quality of the video .... i made it in HD mode but since its hard to find a good host ....
[ This post finally by Sc0ute on 2013-11-16  06:51 edit ]


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