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When you reach L22, the guild opens. You can enter it by clicking “Guild” on the main interface.

Guild List
You can check Guild List which shows you some information of guilds including rank, name, level and member. Hover your mouse over the guild, and you can see the detail information like the president, reputation and slogan.
You can apply to join the guild by sending message. After confirmation, you can join it.
You can search the guild by putting the name of it.
Click “Create” and you can create a new guild.

Create Guild
The guild name should be 3 to 14 words without prohibited words.
The cost is 200,000 coins. The creator is the president. Click “Confirm” and you have created your own guild.

Then you can set a slogan for it which will be shown in the Guild List.
Guild Page
You can see the guild’s level, rank, reputation, members etc. When its reputation reaches a certain level, and it has enough money, the president and members can upgrade it. When upgraded, it can have more members and upgrade guild buildings to higher level.
Information in the Announcement bar can be seen by all guild members. The president and officer can put notification on it.
On the right side, you can see information of members, including their status, positions in the guild and contribution points etc. Click him, you can see the detail information, send him email and chat.

Guild Buildings
Currently, there are 2 buildings: Guild Hall and Guild Shop. You can see the pictures and level. You can click “Enter” to get into it.

Guild Management
Only the guild president and officer can manage the guild. The president has the right to deal with application and manage members. Officers can only deal with application.
The president and officer can choose to accept or refuse applications. When the guild is full, applicants can’t join it. The president can adjust the positions of members like designating or dismissing an officer. He can also kick members out of the guild.

Quit Guild
Check yourself in the guild and click “OK” in the menu prop out, then you left the guild.

Guild Position
There are 4 positions: president, officer, elite member and common member.
The creator of the guild is the president by default.  He can designate members as officers to assist him manage the guild.
Elite member and common member don’t have right to manage the guild. When a common member’s contribution points reach a certain amount, he becomes an elite member and he can buy more rare and precious items in shop.
The specific rights of the 4 positions are below.

Guild Hall
It’s the core building of guild. Every member can get wage every day. The president and officers can get extra grant. The higher the guild is, the more you get.
The president and officer can cost some money to upgrade the hall.
The right side is New Message that shows you the news in the last 3 days.

Guild Shop
At the top, it shows money, marble, wood and food. You can donate anything you want simply by clicking “Donate”.
The items below are those that can be purchased only in the guild. When the shop is upgraded, more items will be unlocked.  There are 3 divisions: Normal Sale, Special Sale and Privilege Area. All members can buy items in the Normal Sale, but Special Sale excludes common members. The Privilege Area is exclusive for the president.

Guild Donate
You can see the information of the guild’s four materials and your contribution. Choose the material and type the amount you want to donate. Then you get contribution points and improved the reputation of the guild. There is an upper limit for your contribution points, when you reach it and continue donating, the guild gets your donation but you no longer get contribution points and improve the guild’s reputation.

Guild Chat
The guild has its own chat room. The font color is green. Only the members of the guild can see the messages. It also shows the information of the guild’s personnel change.


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