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When you reach Aristocrat I, you can click “Palace” to enter it and challenge Roman warriors.

There are 2 NPC in the Palace. The left officer is the guide for you to challenge Roman warriors. The right senator is the guide to help you claim rewards.

The officer offers you 5 squads of Roman warriors to challenge, you can choose which to challenge. Each squad has its unique formation which provides unique buff that is listed behind the formation. When you defeat one squad, all warriors are dismissed and the next four squads come forward for you to challenge. The system would refresh the squads at 00:01 every day.

When you challenge, you should choose your formation of gladiators. The formations can be unlocked when you reach a certain level. The locked ones can be seen but can’t be used.

Different formations have different requirements for gladiators, thus the positions of gladiators are very important. The signs on the formation mean the classes of gladiators. When you click one position of the formation, the system will show you all gladiators available. If the formation requires a certain class, you can’t choose gladiators of other class; if not, you can choose any gladiator. The check mark means the gladiator is in the formation.

When all things are done, click “Battle” to begin the fight.

During the battle, the defeated gladiators leave the battle, the winner remains. The battle ends until one side has no gladiators to fight. If you win, you get a special honor medal which can exchange for rewards from the senator.

You can exchange the honor medal for purple items which are very precious. You must defeat Roman squads of your level to get the purple items.


I call Hax.  Lee Francois is level 50.


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