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Friend System

Friend System

Friend System
Friend system offers players a social platform to make friends in the game.

The player can add and manage friends in friend panel. You can chat with several friends in private at the same time, and divide friends into several designated groups if you want to.
1.        The system will randomly recommend friends for you, and the icon of recommendation will flicker on the bottom right corner, you can add the recommended friends or manage the recommendation info just by clicking on the flickering icon.
2.        Recent Teams:You can check recent teammates in multiplayer dungeons and Team Arena here.
3.        Black List:You can add any player you dislike to black list. The players in the black list can’t send any message to you.
4.        If you have already joined a guild, you can click Guild tab to chat with guild members.
Chatting System
Players can send and read messages in chat box. System message will also appear in chat box.
There’re 5 channels:Bullhorn, World, Team, Guild, System.
        Bullhorn:It’s placed at the top of the chat box, which means the messages in Bullhorn will be easily spotted by others. One Horn (L) will be consumed to speak in Bullhorn.

        World:The message will be displayed in chat box and seen by all other players. One Horn (S) will be consumed to speak in World.
        Team:You can chat with your teammates here.
        Guild:You can chat with guild members here. And guild message will also show up here.
        System:Players are not allowed to send message, only system message can be seen here.


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