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Guild System

Guild System

Guild system offers a social platform to make friends and fight your way to the peak of glory with guild members.
1.        Click on Guild button to apply for a guild, or you can create a guild on your own.

2.        You can chat with other guild members when you join a guild. And various guild benefits can be enjoyed by donating Gold or Silver to the guild, building guild, or upgrading guild level.

A special channel for guild chat has been created to facilitate the communication among guild members.
Guild Building includes Skill Tower, Guild Shop, Crystal Altar and Beast Hunting Field.
        Skill Tower:
As the Skill Tower levels up, players can learn more and more skills at the tower.
Guild members can consume Guild Contribution points to learn and upgrade guild skills. Guild skills will beef up the stats of lord and hero

        Guild Shop:
Guild members can exchange Guild Contribution points for various items here.

        Beast Hunting Field:
Ferocious monsters infest the area. As a training ground, the Beast Hunting Field is open to all qualified guild members.
        Crystal Altar:
Much energy is required to sustain and consolidate the defense of the guild base. Therefore, the guild master will summon guild members to the Crystal Altar-the source of base energy, and recharge the altar.
Crystal Altar can be activated by guild master once per day. All members present can participate in following events after activation:
1)        Each player can recharge the Crystal Altar once per day.
2)        All players present will receive EXP bonus once in a while.
3)        Waves of crystal plunderers will keep popping up, defeat them to claim rewards.
4)        Chests containing generous rewards will keep popping up, all players present are allowed to scramble for them.

        Guild Quest:
Complete guild quests to receive generous rewards, including EXP, Silver and Guild Contribution.
1)        Quest Acceptance:

2)        Guild Quest Panel

Like the bounty quest, guild quest also has different qualities. The higher the quality is , the better the rewards will be. The player can accept an orange quality quest directly by spending Gold or a Guild Order. An Instant Charm can be consumed to complete the accepted quest instantly.
You can only accept a certain amount of guild quests each day, so cherish each chance!


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