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Ides of March

Ides of March

Led by Loki, the evil forces ally with monsters from Nine Worlds to wage a war against Gods. But our brave heroes will spare no effort to thwart their vicious plan.
1.        When the player reaches a certain level, he can participate in Ides of March at a fixed time each day.
2.        During the event time, click on Must Do icon to enter the scene.

3.        After each wave of monsters, a stronger wave will appear and launch their assault. Each wave is led by a Boss, you will encounter the Boss after you wipe out all mobs. Kill the Boss to “welcome” the next wave.
4.        During the event, players can spend gold to get positive buff temporarily, which will boost the stats and damage output. Top 3 damage dealers will get extra rewards!

Event Rewards:
All participants can receive rewards. Top 3 players on Total Damage Output Rank can claim extra rewards, and the players who kill the mob and Boss (last hit) will also get generous rewards.


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