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Mail System

Mail System

Click on Mail button to open the panel.

1、        All mails from other players and the system will be kept in your inbox. Some mails have attachment.
2、        Click on the mail to check the content and attachment.
3、        You can only reply to the mail from other players. You’re not allowed to reply to the system mail.
4、Some rewards from event will be sent to players via mail. Just click the Claim button to receive attachment.
5、Unread mails in Inbox will be kept for 30 days,read mails will be kept for 7 days.

1、        After the player successfully sent a mail, it will be automatically kept in Outbox.
2、        All mails in Outbox will be kept for 7 days.
3、        The player can delete the mails in Outbox.

Write A Mail:
1、        Click on Write button in Mail interface to start writing.
2、        Each mail requires a subject. There’re 2 ways to add the receiver: 1). Choose from Friends List or Guild Member list. 2). Enter the lord name of the target.
3、        Normal mails are free of charge. Guild Master needs to pay 10 Gold to send guild mail.


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