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Trial Tower

Trial Tower

1、        Trial Tower boasts 100 floors, and the monsters become tougher as you go up. There’ll be generous rewards each 10 floors.
2、        Apart from massive amount of exp and gorgeous items, Trial medal can also be gained in Trial Tower. You can exchange medals for precious materials used in making Purple and Orange set in Trial Shop.

2x Trial Card:
You can use 2x Trial Card before challenging Trial Tower.
Your benefits in Trial Tower will double after you use 2x Trial Card. The effect will last till the end of that day.
2x Trial Card can be obtained in event or bought from Shop.

AFK in Trial Tower:
AFK is specially designed for working class heroes who have less time playing the game during work.
The player can use AFK in Trial Tower, which will automatically challenge Trial Tower for you (from 1st floor to the highest floor you’ve reached), and you won’t lose any benefits. Your benefits will even double when you use 2x Trial Card!


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