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[Announcement] Closure of Chaos Rage on Gamebox, Scheduled for May 27th

[Announcement] Closure of Chaos Rage on Gamebox, Scheduled for May 27th

Dear Players,
+ [# z4 L8 x1 n0 h2 y/ RFor over 2 years Chaos Rage has had some wild times on the battlefield with you, and we’ll never forget the fun we had here. We are so thankful for your tremendous support throughout the game’s run on Gamebox, but as you may well know, some time ago the number of CR players on Gamebox began to fall dramatically due to a lack of resources on our part, and we’re now faced with no other option but to call it a day. ! O  T7 V/ a" l5 K  [
Thank you so much for your time – all of us who worked on developing and operating the game would like to express how much of an amazing experience it was to create this game for you, and for you to honor us with such a warm and earnest reception. We are deeply sorry that things turned out this way. 3 i! p7 T$ l% T' w
; N: E2 n7 |$ X. u0 RThe recharge service will be closed at 00:00PDT, 19th May.
( w: D0 `* Z* Z- {The Game server will be closed at 00:00PDT, 27th May.
9 L1 q4 n) g+ O8 \5 w; X
  _" M3 r5 [/ _! r8 [! B  { will still be running other games like General War(, and needless to say, you're all very welcome to join us there. We’ve prepared some nice rewards and compensation for all CR players. We also have new teams developing new mobile games, and you’re welcome to leave your contact information if you’re interested in receiving the latest news and test opt-in details. Please send all mail to for further inquiries. ) h  s! e+ L1 Z' @0 ]. S

8 f/ j" C: P% I4 _8 k7 u6 mBest Regards + A' I# d: P% P8 y. h% q
CR Team


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