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How to Change Video Resolution

How to Change Video Resolution

In our daily life, you may have to change video resolution to cater to the different requirement for various devices. You know, some devices only support specific video resolution for normal playback. So you are supposed to increase video resolution (upscale video resolution) or reduce video resolution (downscale video resolution).

You can easily change resolution for video files with powerful 4K video editors if you're an experienced user. But I'll introduce this video resolution changer with simple steps below.

1. Click "Add File" or drag your videos into this video resolution changer.
2. Click on the "Output Format" part on the right. A wide range of formats and devices will expand out. Select the format as you wish.
3. Drag the slider to change video resolution easily or open setting window to adjust it. You can downscale 4K to 1080p, 1080p to 720p, etc.
4. Set output folder and hit "Run" button to convert video resolution.


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