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How to Watch VR Video

How to Watch VR Video

Wanna get involved in VR experience and don't know where to start? Keep reading and learn more about how to watch VR video in a cost-efficient way.

1. Get Your Smartphone Ready
2. Now You Need a VR Headset
3. Select and Install a VR Video Player
4. Roomy Space is Also Important
5. So You Come to VR Video Resource

Where to find VR videos? Actually, YouTube is your best choice. You can watch VR videos in Cardboard app or download VR video for offline playback. Open Cardboard app and follow the instructions to configure it, then go to YouTube's 360 Videos Channel. Just hit the Cardboard icon on the lower right while playing any video. Then insert your phone into Google Cardboard or other VR headsets. Moreover, you can also play VR video locally-saved in your smartphone offline. It becomes pretty simple to download VR video with a handy free VR video downloader.


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