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How to spend clash royale gems - mobilga

How to spend clash royale gems - mobilga

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If you have to buy a chest, buy Super Magical. Yes, buying chests isn't always the most efficient way to buy Clash Royale gems, but if you plan on doing it anyway, buy the Super Magical Chest. Not only are they guaranteed to drop high numbers of rare or epic cards, they also have the highest probability of containing a legendary card - the hardest cards to obtain in the game.

If you really want to focus on a single card, it is possible to hoard it and get it higher level than your other cards. However, the nature of card scaling means its usually only going to be worth it until a card is level 7 or 8, after that point the time spent on upgrading a single card one level is probably better invested to catch your 2nd favorite card up to level 7 or 8.

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