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Class Guide: Mage

Class Guide: Mage

So you choosed to become one with the wisdom of everything, the mage?

Difficult: Hard


    - The only Magical Class (main defense atribute in general is PDEF (physical defense))
    - High MATK (Magical Attack)
    - Many AoE (Area of Effect)-skills
    - Got heals and group buffs/debuffs
    - Can have an advantage on several Boss-Events
    - Can attack any formation-position


    - lowest DPS of all classes
    - almost all AoE-Skills damage are divided by the amound of enemies hitted
    - lower HP/PDEF/Crit then the other classes
    - weakest Super-Skill
    - Disadvantage in Teamarena (TA) and Multiplayer Dungeon (MP) (specific infos coming ahead)
    - weakest Fury Generation


The most important attribute for the Mage is MATK. he wont deal much damage or heal anything near good without it. Other important attributes are PDEF and SPD (Speed). You may hear that the mage isnt a DD (Damage Dealer) but dont belieave this. the lack of a strong super-skill is outdone by the mages normal skills which have the highest damage of the other classes. As mage you will always be feared in Arena, no matter if solo- or teamarena! Their skill "Shatter", which prevents up to 4 enemies to use any skills, is a pain to whoever is affected by it. This is only, whenever you dont die fast AND act quicker then the enemy can! Therefor: SPD is important! Acting before the enemy can change the whole outcome of a battle!

importance of Attributes: MATK > SPD > PDEF > CRIT > HP > Block

Disadvantage in TA and MP:

As mentioned the Mage is at first on a disadvantage compared to the Warrior or Assa! why? because of the "hero fusion".

in TA and MP your Lord is fused with all your heroes currently in your Formation giving your lord all atributes of them. This means, that there are almost no mage heroes (besides Skeggjald and Gunnar) as soon as you can paritcipate in TA (lvl 32) and MP (lvl 30) resulting in high PATK attribute in fused state. A Mage just dont need PATK at all! there are also 2 orange PATK Heroes (Fairywater (VIP Hero) and Grid (7. Day Reward Hero)) which are easily obtainable that gives PATK classes an advantage.

Since you know now that you NEED mage heroes for TA/MP it also should be clear now, that the Mage needs to train alot more heroes then the other classes are doing. You will mainly just have Gunnar and 3 other PATK heroes with you for pretty much anything besides TA/MP. This means that you need 2 different teams! a pure mage-hero team for TA/MP and your common team for anything else. You already figured what im pointing at right? you need to lvl ATLEAST 6 heroes at the same time if you want to become a trully strong mage! Its not just about lvling those 6 heroes. What are heroes without prober equipment?  A trully strong mage needs to spend ALOT more silver and time then a Warrior/Assasin does.

Should you be able to handle this, then you will become a true beast in whatever you take on!

Result: The Mage seems to be rather weak at the beginning and is also very very silver-consuming. yet, whoever takes on this challenge and manages to overcome the disadvantages will become a trully strong player which other players will call out for!

PS.: Gramatical errors aint errors, they are just features
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