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Class Guide: Warrior

Class Guide: Warrior

So you want to become one who protects your fellow friends and guildmates, the Warrior?

Difficult: Easy


- Highest HP and PDEF (Physical Defense)
- Strongest Super-Skill of all Classes
- Can Paralyze one targest (targets are unable to attack at all)
- Highest Fury generation


- Slowest Class
- Lowest MDEF (Magical Defense)
- Most attacks can only target the front row
- Just a few AoE (Area of Effect)-skills


The Warrior is, like most of you already guessed, the class that stands out with being tanky. But not just that, he also deals huge amounds of damage. Therefor his most importance Attributes are PAKT (Physical Attack) and PDEF. With his passive skill, that grants him additional fury whenever he is being hitted (certain %-chance) designes him to stand on the front taking all the blows, building up fury and unleashing skills that are devasting to whoever are hitted by them. His Super-Skill (Bladestorm) is the most powerful single-target skill ingame, which teachs anyone who gets struck by it, the proper respect that you deserve!

Importance of Attributes: PATK > PDEF/MDEF > CRIT > HP > SPD/BLOCK


Gems should be arranged by your own playstyle. If you have alot of mages around use more MDEF then PDEF, do you want to strike your enemies faster? then use SPD gems instead of HP or even CRIT gems. You must find the right combination of Gems that suits your style the best!


If you want to take the game easy then pick the Warrior. With his high amound of HP/PDEF, paralyze skill and high Fury generation hes the perfection choice if you want to relay on just (or partly) your own power! The Warrior is suited in any situation without much of a struggle

PS.: Gramatical errors aint errors, they are just features
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