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Class Guide: Assassin

Class Guide: Assassin

So you choosed to become a shadowwarrior that attacks as fast as light itself, the Assassin?

Difficult: moderate


- Highest PATK (Physical Attack), CRIT and SPD (Speed) of all Classes
- Single- and Group-DOTs (Damage over Time)
- Can turn Enemies against their Allies
- All Attacks can hit every formation-position
- Most effective Super-Skill of all classes
- Highest Crit-Damage


- Low HP
- Lowest Basic-Skill Damage


The most important attribute of the Assassin is PATK and CRIT. The Assassin is unlike you may think, not the DD (Damage Dealer) that you would expect. He does crit alot more and higher then the other classes can, yet his skills aint as strong as the warriors or the mages. His purpose, besides dealing damage, is to slowly drag his targets down the river and supporting himself and his allies through various debuffs such as -50% pdef, single-target DOTs aswell as the most effective super-skill (Runic Corruption) that this game has to offer. Runic Corruption deals DOT to all targets for 2 rounds which is NOT divided by the amound of targets hitted (like mage skills). He can also make a target turn for 1 round against himself or his allies.

Importance of Attributes:  PATK > CRIT > PDEF > SPD > MDEF > SPD

Sidenote: The Assasin is already by far the fastest class with his high basic Agi. So i would recommand to just use SPD gems whenever you feel like you must be faster (which you probably want anyways) then another player. The Assassin is also the only class that can kill in any MP (Multiplayer Dungeon) a whole Tomb (6 enemies) by himself in merely 2 rounds!

Result: The Assassin isnt as easy as the warrior is, despite all his PROs and merely any CONs. He doesnt deal as much single-target damage yet he got quite a few skills that helps you turn the tables quite quickly. He will be quite a beast if you can handle his Fury Hoursehold good enough and know how and when to use his skills. If you like a strong character that isnt that easy to handle and is a mix of a DD/supporter then the Assasin is your choice!

PS.: Gramatical errors aint errors, they are just features

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