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Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Casual Tips and Tricks:

1. Do not waste your "Stamina" for sidequest or on getting S-grades on SP's (Singelplayer Dungeon). This is especally helpful in the beginnings of the Game. Getting all SP's on S-grade for the rewards is really a nice thing, yet its also important to get experience and higher lvl equipment for your Lord and Your heroes. Do your Sidequests whenever you have reached the currently last SP that you can enter. That way you have the highest exp/silver/holy stones output. "So why am i not suppused to waste my stamina on S-grades then?!" thats easy, because you can run Dungeons even with 0 Stamina left. You wont be able to enter Tombs/Lairs or getting any items/exp for it, yet you can still improve your grade that way!

2. A common question is "how do i get S-grades on SP's?". there is a common rule for it: Deal high damage with a single blow, take as few damage as possible and also use as few rounds as possible. Should you still not manage to get a S-grade then your still simply too weak. try it again in 1 or 2 lvls and/or with equipment/Astros

3. do NOT use the AFK-function on SP's unless you dont have time! AFK-function is a nice feature that saves up time so most players use it. Yet what most players also dont notice until its too late: AFK does not enter Lairs and Tombs resulting in less exp/silver/holy stones. Eespecially Holy Stones are needed alot early in the game. each SP-run gives for the designed lvl a certain amound of silver/holystones:

SP lvl-range
20-30: 40 holy stones and 4000 Silver
31-40: 60 holy stones and 6000 Silver
41-50: 80 holy stones and 8000 Silver

and so on.

With the AFK-function you would lose every run the above mentioned silver/holystones!

4. When you are in a guild make sure that you have always 30 contribution unused! This is important for the Guild-Event "Crystal Altar" which is started at lvl 26 from either the Guild Leader or a Vice Leader. Ask one of them when they will hold this event since its not a server-sided event. in this event you will get for 15 minutes, every 15 seconds a certain amound of exp based on your Lord lvl. You can Spend the above mentioned 30 contribution to increase your exp-gain by 50%! Also dont forget to charge the Big Crystal on the map!

5. Higher graded Astrologies are nice (green < blue < purple < orange < red) but they are also exponential more expensive. Therefor, even if you should get an orange or even a red astro, do not waste your silver to upgrade them before a certain lvl since you will lack the silver income! A certain rule, that i setted for myself is:

under lvl 40: Purple astros is the highest you should use
lvl 40 onwards: orange astros can be upgraded by now, fusing it with the same old purple version gives the orange a boost.
lvl 50 onwards: red astros could be used by now. But remember that red astros are ALOT more expensive. upgrading a red lvl 2 astro to lvl 3 is like getting a green astro to lvl 6 or even 7!

6. Dont upgrade Academy techs that you dont need. Assassin and Warriors dont need MATK-tech and a Mage doesnt need a PATK-tech! This is different with the guild-techs a Warrior/Assasin does need INT-tech and a Mage needs STR-tech. Why? because INT and STR also adds MDEF and PDEF which every character needs.

7. There is NOT a hourly silver income

Cash Tips and Tricks:

1. if you purchased Gold go to Asgard and talk to this NPC:

you can give this NPC 1000 silver, 12 gold and 120 gold. Each amound can just be used a single time per account. Giving the NPC the mentioned amounds rewards you with a chance to get it back by 2-times, 5-times or 20-times you will ALWAYS get the silver/gold back plus ATLEAST 2-times of what you spend.

For example: You give Saga 1000 silver, then you will get the 1000 silver back + the chance of getting 2000, 5000 or 20000 silver. Its a bit different with Gold: you will get the gold back that you paid + a chance of getting x2, x5 or x20 of the amound as VOUCHERs!

So you better use this chance! you will get something for sure without losing anything at all!

2. Dont waste your gold for stuff like guard exalts, guild order or even costumes because they give additional stats! Your gold is better invested in "2x Trial Cards" which grants you double exp and double drops in trial Tower, and "Fairy Grass" which you will need for your mount to upgrade it faster (unlocks at lvl 39). The Mount gives you with every lvl bonus stats on the 4 maintstats (agi, int, str, end). with fairy grass the mount will raise very fast which gives you alot more bonus stats then the current customs would do with less gold invested.

3. do NOT purchase gold through Facebook!! Facebook charges much more then gamebox itself does!

example: Your buying on Facebook 70 gold for 10$. On Gamebox your paying 10$ for 100 gold. Chaos Rage Gamebox (Facebook name) and Chaos Rage on "" are the very same games with the very same servers. So why paying more then you need to?

NOTE: this are merely tips and tricks to give a certain guidance torwards new players. You may or may not agree to the stuff above or do want to play it in a different way!

There are still many many more things to learn and to do, yet this is, as mentioned, merely a guidance. not a FAQ. Use this guidance as a base and learn how this game works by playing it. Then you will also figure pro-knowledge sooner or later
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