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【Guide】How to Reduce Lag

【Guide】How to Reduce Lag

As most of you guys must met lag problem, so i am posting this simple yet effective guide for the players experiencing lag problem.

STEP1: As you already know the best way to reduce lag is to clear your browsing data, clearing your cookies, cache, history, temporary files, and most of the  unwanted items in your browser and in your computer and the truth is it works but sometimes it’s not enough so you can help the reduction by clearing everything in your browser here is how it’s done for Google chrome which most are using

Now here is how it’s done for Mozilla fire fox which is recommended by Gamebox.

Now once you have removed all your data including your database your browser will be renewed just like how it was after your downloaded for the first time
After this comes the tricky bit

STEP 2:  Now we are done with our browsers so let’s move on to the computer
as some of your know that a part of the data, cookies and other unwanted items is stored in your Drives so best thing to do is to defragment all the drives in    your system mostly it’s just two which is C drive and D drive but some might have more so defrag them too o

Ok now your drives are clean and fresh nice job now here comes the annoying bit and sorry the more steps you go through the more annoying the work is but i assure you that it’s worth it

STEP3: Now here is a question

Do you guys have an antivirus program for both your computer and your internet?
If Yes the great
If No then please download or buy one
This is highly recommended
because even though you might not know this but almost every hour you spend on your computer surfing the net you r downloading virus and not 1 or 2 like 50 to 60 depending on the amount of time your spending which currently alot so get both a net protection and antivirus software for both the computer and the internet

Also make sure that you have both an internet protection and a pc protection

Why should I get an internet protection? Isn’t it enough just to have a pc protection with firewall and antivirus software running?

No. The reason is because Pc protection software gives only protection to your drivers which are basically most important since if you lose them and your system crashes then you would have lost valuable data but that’s about all the pc protection does an internet antivirus protection software prevents most of the virus from entering your computer in the first place hence lesser tension

Why not just get an internet antivirus program and forget about the pc protection?

The reason is because even though the internet protection prevents most of the virus from entering your pc it can still let in some new malwares which can be very harmful for your computer and a pc with no pc protection is just a sitting duck in a wolves den so get your pc protection it’s not going to cost you as much as a new computer

How is virus related to our lag problem?

Viruses cause lag because they use your computer's resources to function. one example are worms (not to be confused with WORM). worms are self replicating programs which exist solely to slow down your PC. they are difficult to detect, and therefore difficult to remove. it’s best to have a antivirus software for both internet and the PC is good

Here is a small experiment I conducted on the virus related to lag issue
My best friend also plays this game and he experiences lag issue and here is what I found he doesn't have a antivirus program so I shared mine with him and I ran a scan in his pc and what I found was his pc filled with viruses the program quarantined almost every single program running in his pc and took him a long time to remove all of them since the cleaning systems was so slow hehehe so I also came to believe that virus is related to our lag in a way I don't know about it and if by some chance any of you guys know the how its related then tell me ok
Got your virus locked up with your antivirus program good job
Let’s move on to our next annoying job

STEP 4:   Now that we have refreshed our PC from virus the next annoying job is refreshing the entire system which is kind of easy just switch it off and then after 10 mins switch it back on simple as you can get just doing it is kind of boring. Doing this twice makes sure that your pc is really refreshed because sometimes it doesn't fully refresh like mine and even though I recommend refreshing twice but if some are lazy like me then just refresh once

Ok pc all refreshed good work let’s move on to our last and final annoying work

STEP 5:  Now the last thing to do is to refresh your internet connection like if you’re using broadband connection then just switch off the modem and switch it back on then disconnect your system from your internet connection wires and just reinstall them and that’s all simple easy and very effective also even though some of these tasks might sound pointless they actually help try it as you will know it

STEP 6 : Another thing you might want to add is GameBooster. Another thing you might want to try is to set the priority for you web browser to high. This will usually increase you speed dramatically. Just be sure that your CPU is not running at 100%. Your RAM should also be checked.





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i find it funny somone who posts a guide to reduce lag has like 50 system tray icons


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