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[NEWS]New version has launched!

[NEWS]New version has launched!

Dear players,
A wave of new players are coming at 5:00 11.27 PST! In the new version, we have unlocked PVP and many elaborate cards. All these changes will ensure you more fun in the game! During the leading-in, we have prepared several events with rich rewards! No matter you are a champion in PVP or just a fan of our fanpage, you will be rewarded! More and more players are falling in love with us and fight with us and we will definitely make this game better and better!

        PVP has been unlocked! You can lead your teammates to fight against other players!
        Super skill has been unlocked! Some powerful cards will own the ability to learn super skills.
        Fame has unlocked. Seasonal champions will have the opportunity to have their names on the Wargod Hall to be worshiped.
        Month Pass has added. After you become a Month Pass user, you can not only receive a certain amount of crystals at once, but you will also receive extra crystals daily during a month. It’s totally worth it.
        Friend invitation has been added. You can invite your friends to play with you and you will get a new hero card – Tutankhamun as a reward. (Note: the involution of Tutankhamun needs to consume the same cards, so invite more friends to create your newly powerful card!)
        One more channel to get Monkey King: recharge $2000 to get the most powerful card for free! Monkey King is much better than other cards of the same class same star-rate on every basic ability and growth. Besides, it is an all-round card in common skill, active skill and passive skill.
        Cumulate recharge gift has added. Former recharge rewards have been integrated in the cumulate recharge gift. What’s more, as long as you buy 300 crystals, you can get a 5-star purple card – Apollo!
        Drop rate of cards in Puppet Instance has been increased.
        Web version on FB has been optimized, including:
1. Graphic optimization.
2. Downloading link of IOS version has been added. (Data form both platforms are interactive.)
        Parts of UI have been optimized.
        We have specially optimized the game for getting stuck on iPhone4 and iPhone 4s because of ios7.


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