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How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

The Patron Beast Fruits, aka Dragon Fruits have landed into the mysterious land of Castlot. Are you ready to give your loyal companion a healthy diet? Let it have a bite of the Dragon Fruit and get superb! Whether you are a promising new lord or already a battle-hardened emperor in Castlot, you should take part in this event. Now let's see how good you are as a Dragon trainer and what type of Dragon you are worthy of!

Server: All Servers

1. When you reach Lv 20 and get your Patron Beast (Dragon), you will have automatically signed up for this event. You are recommended to level up your Dragon and feed it the Patron Beast fruits, aka Dragon Fruits as many as possible within 30 days. Your goal is to make your Dragon classic!

2. This event lasts 30 days starting from the moment you get your Dragon.
3. Please note that the Dragon Fruits only have a 5-day expiration, that is, 120 hours. You'd better feed them to your Dragon before they expire and disappear for good.
4. When this event ends, all your unused fruits will vanish automatically and no fruits are available for you to receive.
5. You can claim the fruits in the Reward – Beast Raising Event panel in the top right area of the screen. After pressing the Claim button, you can then go to your Depot to check out the fruits.

6. Players with Dragons already at high levels can get all the fruits from the previous levels.
7. You will be able to claim the Dragon Fruits when your Dragon reaches Levels 3, 5, 7, or 9. When your Dragon evolves, you will get a Superfruit that can greatly increase the Attributes of your Dragon.

8. List of Dragon Fruits Receivable at Different Levels

9. We sincerely welcome comments and critiques on this new event. If you have any other cool idea or good suggestion, please share with us by leaving comments in this thread or sending Tickets to contact our customer service!

Enjoy The Treat!


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