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【Announcement】Google Wallet Came onto Gamebox Officially

【Announcement】Google Wallet Came onto Gamebox Officially

Dear All,
After two week’s updating waiting, we finally made it to bring the new Google Wallet online to Gamebox. Google Wallet is set to replace the retired Google Checkout and you are able to use it by the original gmail account for Google Checkout without being affected in any way. By using it on gambox, please simply click the "Google" sign and complete the recharging step by step.
Please refer to the FAQs we attached below, or visit--> for more information.
Should you have any other doubt concerning this channel on Gamebox, please contact us in game or via mail to Thanks a lot for your patience.

Gamebox Team


FAQs about Payments

What payment cards can I add to Google Wallet?
You can add major credit and debit cards to Google Wallet.

Can I use any of my cards to pay with Google Wallet – even if they aren’t credit or debit cards?
At this time, you can pay with Google Wallet using any of your credit or debit cards. However, you cannot pay with any specialized cards, such as merchant-specific gift cards, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards, and other single-purpose cards.

What is the Google Wallet Balance?
The Wallet Balance is the money in your Google Wallet. When someone sends you money from the Google Wallet app or Gmail, that money will be stored in your Wallet Balance. You can use your Wallet Balance to send money to friends, shop on Google Play and other Google properties, or transfer money to your bank account. You can also add money to your Wallet Balance at any time from a credit card, debit card or linked bank account.

Will I continue to earn loyalty or rewards benefits from my credit and debit cards?
You should continue to earn rewards points for purchases through your card issuer’s credit or debit card rewards program (such as gas, grocery, restaurants purchases, and overall spending), if applicable. Certain benefits and rewards may not be applied when using Google Wallet, such as merchant specific rewards (e.g. double points at a specific merchant with a specific card). Applicability of rewards and other benefits (such as purchase protection or insurance) will be decided by your card issuers and not Google Wallet.

Are my credit and debit card numbers passed to the merchant?
No, only the virtual prepaid MasterCard card information is passed to the merchant.


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