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How To Use Relocator?

How To Use Relocator?

Not satisfied with the place you locate? Wants to be neighbor with your friends? Like to live next to the lake? You can have any reason of moving your city, and for that, you need a Relocator or an Advanced Relocator.

How to get one?
You could purchase them in the shop.

How to use Relocator?
Switch to your Depot, and click the "Relocator", and chose the Kingdom you want to move to.

After your confirm, your city will be moved to the new kingdom.
You may not choose the exact location of the new place with the use of Relocator. However, you can check it out in Senate and World.

How to use an Advanced Relocator?
Switch to "World" and select any flatland outside your city, click the "Relocate" icon and confirm, then your city will be moved to this specific place.

Note: you can not move your city when you're seized by other player, or there are troops dispatched outside the city, or alliance garrison inside the city.


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