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Where are my dispatched heroes?

Where are my dispatched heroes?

Have you ever annoyed by couldn’t find your heroes when the system told you they were dispatched?
After you seize a city, or finish the explore, you might forget your heroes and left them in your annexed cities. Without aware of this situation, you would thought they are playing hide-and-seek with you.

Then What should you do to find them back? Here’s the solution.
1) If you forget where did you dispatch your hero, try find him/her in the following 3 place:
a. Base – Alliance


c. Senate – Seized Cities

2) Enter you Senate, and in the Seized Cities, if you find the “Recall” icon is clear, not blur, then just click on it and then your heroes would come back to you.

There’s another possibility that your hero’s in his/her training, if you really want to dispatch this hero, you would have to accelerate the training.

If you still couldn’t find your heroes, please contact our GMs.


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