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Tips from Veterans

Tips from Veterans

Here are some tips from Castlot veterans, if you’re trying to help out the newbies and want to save some time, feel free to link to this.

1. Things to do before the protection period ends?
You basicly a sitting duck untill u reach lvl 50. (No Offense)
Step1: Best u can do is Join a League.
Step2: get Level 30 Tents & Barrack and Max the troops in it.
That will keep u semi protected for eny lvl 60-
Step3: Speed your process to reach level 50 Only built important stuff.(Senate/base/houses/resource buildings/Barrack/tents/Academy) Keep troops maxed.
Step4: Once Senate is 50 Get wall to 50 ASAP
Step5: Build a lot of Barbican.
Ps. You can also let a League member seize u so People who search for a eazy target see a flag near your castle and skip u.
Con: about this is that he might forget to NOT Levy u.
But this could give u air to reach 50.

2. How is the damage from war elements such as Furycrit and Mist Siege calculated?
The damage is calculated based on elemental power of the card and troops that send. Lets assume Furycrit for a moment. It is a 2 card combo. The formula is Elemental Power x (troops sent /1000). As an example if i have a lvl 12 inspire and a lvl 8 charge and I send 1000 troops per hero my Furycrit damage would be 20. This is because 12(1000/1000) = 12 and the same with the 8 so if we add 8+12=20. The damage would double with 2000 troops and would increase as we sent more troops. The reason you may not have seen a damage increase is because you either lost some troops so sent slightly less or the jump wasn’t high enough to do more damage as I believe the damage gets rounded down.
It’s based on troops per hero not total troops sent? I could use HoG with 9000 troops on each hero and get the same healing as doing 9000/9000/9000/1 troops?
It is based on total troops sent, so better send 3 hero with 9k each ((9000+9000+9000)/3=9000) than 4 hero 9000/9000/9000/1 ((9000+9000+9000+1)/4=6750).

3. How do you get Cross Medal?
You need to explore. They are rare. You can also get them with diamonds or magic potions (5 MP each one) (Answered by osanseviero)
you can farm the re-spawning chests which always give cross medals if opened with a key (any key)
What does Cross Medal acturally do?
Cross medals are used for upgrading hierarchy (ie level up). Without it, you won’t be able to progress. You can check if you have enough cross medals in ‘Check Player Info’ (top left and click the face) and look for Upgrade Requirements. It should indicates how many cross medals needed for next level.
If you do not have enough cross medals, it will say ‘Unachieved’ in red meaning you have to find some (by exploring when available at level 10) or buy some from the Shop, it costs you 5 Magic Potions (MP or pots) for one cross.
You can check if you have any cross medals in Depot (bottom right tab, click Depot), under Function Items.
For each level upgrades has different requirements for cross medals. The higher your hierarchy, the more cross medals needed for upgrades.

4. what means exactly the % of attack and defense which we can gain with scrolls?
The attack applies to troops that attack in explore. And defense applies to troops that defend the city or outpost. And it does work in the explore tab, as there is one of the places attack applies.

5.Where could i get more enchantment gems other than quests?
You can get them from seizing new cities and from explore through different battles. Also you can buy them in the smithy for MP and diamonds.
You can get enchantment gems from instances too. Stonehenge gives also primary gems as loot, while dense forest, Jungle mirage, regular mode of Avalon gives medium gems and heroic mode of avalon, aether gives advanced gems as loot.

6. What’s the tax rate formula?
Tax rate reduce max population by the tax rate % (current population = max population * (1- tax rate).
if you have 1000 max population and 60% tax rate your population will be lowered by the tax rate numbers, and your current population will be 400 (1000 * (1-0.6) = 400)
Formula for gold income is counted from your CURRENT population, multiplied by tax rate:
max population * (1- tax rate) * tax rate, for tax rate 25% and pop 1000 that is => 1000*(1-0.25)0.25= 187,5; for tax rate 60% and pop 1000 we will see next numbers => 1000(1-0.6)0.6= 240, same numbers if we put 40% tax rate (1000(1-0.4)*0.4=240)
These numbers show you general rule how gold income is count, so the best option is to put 50% (1000*(1-0.5)*0.5 =250), however we found that the best tax rate is 53% (but it is optimal for people who do not recruit, just gather gold, otherwise choose lower tax rates)


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