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Alchemy Introduction

Alchemy Introduction

Through Alchemy, you can convert one thing into another. Its great power has well been recognized to the leaders on both sides. Anyone that masters Alchemy can have the power to get endless supplies. As is known to all, supplies are crucial to the victory in wartime.

Wow! How fascinating it is! Now let's get to know the new function Alchemy in Castlot. In Castlot, you can convert something valuable into something practical. That is, you can get resources or Gold by converting Diamonds!

You can see the icon of Alchemy on the top right area of the screen. It's as mysterious as a flask.

Click on the flask to enter the Alchemy panel. And you can start to do the conversion with your Diamonds.

Be aware that the higher your level, the more resources or Gold you can get through the conversion. Your VIP level has something to do with how many times you are allowed to use Alchemy to get resources or Gold every day.

The available number of times will be refreshed every day. More Diamonds will be needed for the next time of conversion.

The prophecy says the old order will be overthrown and a new order will be established. It looks like this time the prophecy finally says something right. Alchemy is going to add to your advantage along the road to ruling the world! Try it! Don't miss out on the fun of this new function!


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